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To insert a blank line, just use two break tags, the first one to break to the next line, and the second one to insert a blank line. The break tag is unusual in that it is ...

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Oct 23, 2004 ... If you're working with a site that doesn't use CSS, what about simple <br> or <p> tags to insert blanks lines between paragraphs of text?

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Jul 17, 2015 ... You might be tempted to use the HTML Line Break Element ( ... line, but it would be more correct to use an empty HTML Paragraph Element (

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Jan 18, 2014 ... ... a line break' when I actually want to insert a whole blank line between two... ... Second Paragraph ..... When you do want to insert a <br /> break tag using Markdown, you end a line with two or more spaces, then type return.

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I am needing to push a single line of text down about 6 spaces and I am not sure how to accomplish this with ... I wan to insert a blank line in between a para. ... Start and and paragraph tag, you'll get a blank line between para.

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I tried making them paragraphs, using <p> and </p>; I also tried ... The web standard is one blank line only, so you cannot add more blank lines ... do is insert the following snippet of code into the Text (HTML) editor after each ...

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Jun 10, 2009 ... https://wpbtips.wordpress.com/ Paragraph breaks and blank lines Pressing ... In the html editor, pressing return once gives a line break, pressing it ... for an image placed left but with no text-wrap, you set the alignment to none.

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Dec 13, 2008 ... WordPress strips empty blank lines which effects paragraph spacing. ... Simply insert code tag in angles, then a blank space, then a /closing ...

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A br tag will insert a line break which means the text/image following the tag ... The paragraph tag adds a line before and after the paragraph, unlike the br tag.

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Hitting the enter key once will give you a blank space between lines. ... Inserting space betweeen paragraphs is probably the most popular Enter/Return key use.

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The HTML <p> element defines a paragraph. ... Note, Browsers automatically add an empty line before and after a paragraph. ... <br>, Inserts a single line break.

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the system seems to automatically close up lines between paragraphs but I need to have some larger ... how do i insert a double line space instead of a single line ? ... i have already tried < br > several times in both html and visual format.

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Up to now, I've always seen blank lines in HTML represented by <p>&nbsp .... of website text content will be placed in a normal paragraph tag.

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Nov 5, 2007 ... I wan to insert a blank line in between a para. i need a command or tag which ... New paragraph, the space this leaves between paragraphs is ...

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OK, now, I want to insert 2 lines instead of 1 between A and B ... to insert the exact lines as long as the default paragraph tag context exists.