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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Echinodermata Class: Asteroidea
Sea stars are characterized by radial symmetry, several arms radiating from a central body. Mouth and anus are close together on the underside, the anus is at the center of the disc together with the water intake... More »

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Starfish have sharp spines that serve to deter possible predators and make a starfish look like a rock, helping it blend into the background. Some species of ...

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Sea stars, also known as starfish, protect themselves against predators by using their leather-like, prickly outer skin as armor, along with a host of additional ...

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So they use numerous other defense mechanisms to protect themselves. According to the starfish facts gathered by zoologists, certain species of starfishes have ... the asexual form of reproduction and only a few species will be able to do that.

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Starfish appear graceful as they move around the ocean floor and coral reefs, but they are predators. Their main prey is ... Other Protection. Because they can't ... How Do Animals in the Rainforest Hide From Their Predators? Not all starfish ...

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Apr 20, 2010 ... But starfish? How are these seemingly innocuous creatures able to protect themselves? How do they get away? When things come after them?

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Jan 20, 2013 ... What sea stars will do is that they would force a mussel to get exhausted. ... The mussels' reaction is to close shut to protect themselves.

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For starters starfish do not have a brain, however they are able to feel and make decisions using their senses. A starfish ... They protect themselves with armor.

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Starfish cannot swim, and they do not use gills to breathe. ... A sea star's spines are used for protection from predators, which include fish, sea otters and birds.

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Though it can not see nearly as well as we do, sea stars can detect light and its general direction. They have ... How Do Sea Cucumbers Protect Themselves?