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Stratus clouds are low-level cloud characterized by horizontal layering with a uniform base, ... fog-like cloud. While light rain may fall, this cloud does not indicate much meteorological activity....

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Stratus clouds are formed when an upward-moving current of air collides with a thinner layer of air above it, causing water drops to form. The name "stratus ...

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Stratus clouds also form when a layer of air is cooled from below to its ... Altostratus clouds do not allow enough sunlight to break through the cloud to form any ...



Found at very low levels (less than 2000 meters, or 6500 feet), stratus clouds are thick ... These clouds generally occur with fair weather and are the ones usually ...

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Usually stratus clouds and fog form when it has been cold out and then warmer ... how big the difference in temperature between the cold air and the warm air is.

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Stratus clouds form a low layer that can cover the entire sky like a blanket, bringing generally gray and dull weather. Stratus clouds may form only a few hundred ...

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Cloud Why do clouds form at different heights in the atmosphere? ... Cirrostratus clouds usually come 12-24 hours before a rain or snow storm. Cirrostratus ...

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There are four main types of clouds: cirro-form, cumulo-form, strato-form, and nimbo-form. This lesson focuses on strato-form clouds, also known as stratus ...

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Detached clouds in the form of white, delicate filaments, mostly white patches or ... Altostratus clouds do not produce a halo phenomenon nor are the shadows of  ...

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A: All clouds affect the weather in that that they block the sunlight and can produce precipitations ... How will climate change affect where stratus clouds form ... Read More »
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