Did you mean: How Do Thumbs Up Associate With Ancient Phallic Symbol Of Masculine Virility?
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Phallic architecture - Wikipedia


Phallic architecture consciously or unconsciously creates a symbolic representation of the phallus. Buildings intentionally or unintentionally resembling the human penis are a source of amusement to...

Is the thumbs up a Ancient phallic symbol for masculine virility


Yes the thumbs up is the original sign for masculine virility. Virility, coming from the work virile ... How do thumbs up assosciate with ancient phallic symbol of masculine virility? Simple, all a guy needs to do is wave his thumbs and feel the ...

Gestures: Their Origin and Meanings - The Thumb Up


Few gestures can have a stranger history than the familiar 'thumbs up'. ... Everyone agrees that it hails from the days of gladiatorial combat in ancient Rome. .... In the latter case the erect thumb is jerked in the air as a symbollic phallus, and the ...

Male Virility - The Mind of James Donahue - Tripod


The erect male penis is a symbol of male virility. It is an ... For example, we project the middle finger and we use the “thumbs-upsymbol in gestures of silent but ...

Saving Graves - How to Interpret Gravestone Motifs


Sep 15, 2014 ... Acorn - As the seed of the oak, the acorn is a symbol of potential. ... It is usually portrayed in ancient Egyptian art in the hands of a diety. ... encompassed a range of meanings depending on its associated hieroglyphs but all of ..... viewed the pine cone "as a symbol of masculinity because of its phallic shape.

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from malarial fever of a persistent type, came to her and asked per- mission ... pdsages of ancient poetry and philosophy, which, though figura- ... symbol of force and power the hand has often been used, as witness .... A servant girl had orders to be up to prepare an early ...... aiicient phallic symbol-like that of the horseshoe.

50 Good Luck Symbols From Around The World | Exemplore


Dec 15, 2014 ... The 50 most common good luck symbols, from lucky insects to ... Do you carry a lucky charm or a symbolic talisman to ward off evil .... For the ancient Romans, the frog was believed to bring good luck to .... and Roman mythology, the horn represented the male phallus. ...... Love your lens, big thumbs up!

Digitus Impudicus: The Middle Finger and the Law - Wired


2007) does not permit the use of articles in parenthetical explanations, see id. at 7, the. Editors of the UC Davis ..... memorial for a band that stuck their middle finger up to convention and helped create ... Other for Hmiel's Obscene Gesture, ASSOCIATED PRESS, Apr. 15, 2005, available at ..... gesture as a phallic symbol :.

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It is a tautology: "ancient phallic symbol" would have been sufficient to express Mr . Brown's ... Is the thumbs up a Ancient phallic symbol for masculine virility?

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I'll keep coming back here to thumbs up this definition. ... The ancient phallic symbol of male virility, used today as a means of confirmation or approval.

Phallic Art : The Everlasting Fascination With the Virile Member ...


The obsession with male sex organs has been ever-present through history. See some early examples of phallic art and contemporary art of penises. ... today's article to the ultimate symbol of manhood and talk about penises a bit more. ... in ancient Greek sculptures to some naughty representations of the virile member in  ...