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Lost Tapes is an American television horror series that aired on Animal Planet. Produced by Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the program presents found footage depicting traumatic encounters with cryptoz...

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It says anyone who can prove the existence of cryptids can collect a 1,000,000 .... It's real! Hooray, you've proven the existence of the Chupacabra! But there's no ...

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Cryptids Island is the 16th island released on Poptropica. ... The flyer says Harold Mews is offering a $1,000,000 award for proving the existence of cryptids. ... he is giving away prize money because if the Giant Squid exists, he thinks the others exist too. ... He takes the seed, and says that the chupacabra attacked the farm.

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For walkthroughs on Cryptids Island, scroll down on this page. ... billionaire Harold Mews is offering a million dollars for proof of the existence of cryptids. .... Talk to the farmer there, who will tell you that the Chupacabra only feeds on goats that .... Players visit real-world locations while hunting cryptids: Loch Ness (which i...

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Dec 20, 2010 ... In this new island quest on Poptropica, you are part of a c. ... quest on Poptropica, you are part of a challenge to prove the existence of cryptids.

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Apr 18, 2016 ... Discover how legends of real demons here on Earth can be traced to sightings of strange paranormal creatures. Here are three cryptids that fit the demon stereotype. ... sporadic sightings of strange and elusive creatures provide the proof? ... There are some reports of El Chupacabra being capable of flight, ...

How do you find the chupacabra on cryptids island - Answers


On your first trip to Puerto Rico, drive to the herder's brother's house (right side star on the map) ..... How do you prove the chupacabra is real on Cryptids island?

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You can eventually try to trap the chupacabra in Puerto Rico, but only on your second visit there ... It doesn't take long, and you will get your proof (although not how you ..... How do you prove the chupacabra is real on Cryptids island?

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Aug 13, 2012 ... Post a comment below, or leave us a comment on Facebook. Let us know what you think about El Chupacabra. Is it real? If not, what do you ...

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5 Dollar Sports Drink! When you land on Cryptids Island start walking to the right. ... Now that you have real proof, head back to Mr. Mews. (Nessie might be a ...

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Please help Poptropica Wiki by expanding it, adding pictures, and improving existing text. ... Does this prove that the chupacabra doesn't exist? Nobody has yet ...

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Players visit real-world locations while hunting cryptids: Loch Ness (which is in Scotland), ... There's a sound when the Chupacabra escapes from the trap.

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On your first visit to Puerto Rico, you can get the bolt cutters (upper left star) and some fur from ... It gets away, but leaves behind the tooth, which proves it is real. ..... After you prove the other three cryptids (Nessie, Chupacabra, and Jersey ...