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Tsunamis are formed by violent underwater earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and, rarely, meteor impacts. These events cause sudden and drastic displacement of water, for...

Tsunami are large waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean due to earthquakes, landslides, large volcanic eruptions or meteorite impact in the ocean.
Most tsunami are caused by large earthquakes on the seafloor when slabs of rock move past each other suddenly, causing the overlying water to move.



Tsunami waves do not resemble normal sea waves, because their wavelength is far .... Without an earthquake I do not see how such an accident could happen.

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Tsunamis are not always colossal waves when they come into the shore. In fact, " ... most tsunamis do not result in giant breaking waves (like normal surf waves ...

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How do tsunamis occur? Tsunami are actually waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean due to earthquakes, landslides on the sea floor, land slumping ...

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Where do Tsunamis occur? ... Tsunami are waves caused by sudden movement of the ocean due to earthquakes, landslides on ... These occur in several ways:.

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When an earthquake, volcano or landslide happens on the ocean floor, water is displaced. This water forms the ... What effects does a tsunami have? The main ...

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Apr 3, 2011 ... Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened, investigates the science behind the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan. It takes viewers ...

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Apr 1, 2011 ... Tsunamis are very dangerous and cause massive destruction. Unfortunately, the world has been hit with two massive tsunamis in the last ...

How do earthquakes generate tsunamis?


Tsunamis can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and ... with the earth's crustal deformation; when these earthquakes occur beneath the sea, the ...

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Q: How does a tsunami happen?
A: A tsunami is a series of huge waves that happen after an undersea disturbance, such as an Read More »
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Q: How does a tsunami happen?
A: The formation of a Tsunami The term tsunami from the Japanese and means "Big wave in the port". The term was coined by fishermen who returned to their ports in ... Read More »
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Q: How does a tsunami happen?
A: a earth qauke, landslide (it puts sand or dirt in the water and pushes the water up) and an under water volcanic explosion Read More »
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Q: How does a Tsunami happen?
A: Basically during an earthquake, landslide, meteor or underwater volcano, ocean water gets displaced. Well the water has to go somewhere, it ripples outward, tra... Read More »
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Q: How does a Tsunami happen?
A: A tsunami is a series of waves created when a body of water, such as an ocean, is rapidly displaced on bog scale. Earthquakes, mass movements above or below wat... Read More »
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