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Cooking or cookery is the art, technology and craft of preparing food for consumption with the ... Cooking is done both by people in their own dwellings and by professional cooks and chefs in restau...

history - How the heck did people in the olden' days learn to beat ...


Did they have whipped cream in the olden days before electricity? ... Accident and/or trial and error, with a bit of 'evolution'. Someone notices that ...

Cooking food in the past and present - History (1,2) - ABC Splash


See what some kitchens of people from long ago looked like. Discover ways that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people cook some food. ... First day jitters.

What did people eat in the old days? - Quora


Jan 26, 2015 ... How old are your ideas of "old days?" People have been cooking meat and grains and greens and root vegies for at least 50,000 years, if not ...

The Olden Days - Scholastic


Nov 5, 1993 ... This learning activity has students engaged in olden day ... Before people were cholesterol- and fat-conscious, butter was a common ... Finally, you will need one crock pot for each dye you prepare, some old spoons, a strainer ...



What did they eat? ... ln Old Testament days there were no kitchens. ... The cooking of meat is referred to repeatedly, but there are only a few references to .... ln the early days, people sat on the ground to eat, on cushions, mats of straw or rugs.

A kitchen from a long time ago


... old kitchen. There was no electricity and no plastic when people cooked in this kitchen a long time ago. ... In olden days food was put in the mortar (the bowl).

History of Cooking | All That Cooking


New utensils made it possible to prepare these foods in new ways, and such ... Although the diets of peoples of the ancient world are well documented, little is ... Such a system had an estimated aggregate capacity of 84 million gallons per day . ...... I was just wondering if I could get the names of the I people who worked on  ...

Ancient Craft - Stone Age Food


In general Stone Age people consumed more protein and ate less ... boar and horse) were leaner compared to their modern-day domesticated equivalents, so much of ... The fish remains were found in an ancient cooking hearth in a residential structure .... Cooking food significant increases the amount of energy that can be ...

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May 6, 2014 ... Victor A. Croley shares old-time methods of drying and preserving food from pioneer days that can still be used today. ... which was used for lubrication, for cooking, as a butter substitute and to slick down rebellious hair.

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What did people use to cook in the olden days - Answers


people killed prisioners all types of different ways here are some examples: Hanging- Burning- ... People in the olden days used to paint with food colouring.

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Mar 13, 2013 ... I understand that you can cook on a wood stove by having a fire burning inside ... Home baking was actually less common in the 'olden days'.

How did people live in the olden days without having electricity or ...


How did people live in the olden days without having electricity or proper ... You use fire for light and heat (and cooking food) and indigenous remedies to cope ...