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A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible .... The magnet does not have distinct north or south particles on opposing sides. If a bar magnet i...

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How Magnets Work, The history of magnets, Types of magnets, Uses of Magnets and ... The magnetic lines of force do not intersect (or cross) one another.

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The needle of a compass is also a bar magnet, and we know what this does: it points north because it likes to line itself .... Do domains work agnaist each other

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Sep 23, 2013 ... The Conquest Continues over on Veritasium: http://bit.ly/VEMagnets_m THANK YOU to our amazing Subbable.com subscribers whose ...

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What do a wrecking yard, a rock concert and your front door have in common? They each use electromagnets, devices that create a magnetic field through the ...

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Magnets attract when two opposing poles are brought together and repel ... Magnets come with a north pole and south pole. ... How does the bullet train work ?

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Jun 8, 2010 ... Physicists have some understanding of how magnets function. However, some phenomena that underlie magnetism continue to elude scientific ...

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We have all played with magnets from time to time. Every time you do, ... The mechanics of how do magnets work really breaks right down to the atomic level.

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This project shows the way in which magnets work and their ability to pull things toward themselves.

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That's how they work, but why? The best Physics questions are often the most basic. Why do magnets act the way they do? The question is both simple and ...

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How does the force vary with the distance between them? When the ... Let me share with you some of what is known about how magnets work. All of the ...

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What exactly makes a magnet stick to certain metals? By extension, why don't they stick to other metals? Why do they attract or repel each other, depending on  ...

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Oct 16, 2016 ... A simple introduction to magnetism and an explanation of how magnets work, ... The ancient Greeks and Romans knew as well as we do that ...