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Note that pumpkins do require a lot of food and a long growing season (generally ... Plant pumpkins at the edge of the garden and direct vine growth across the lawn or sidewalk. .... A slice of pumpkin pie before bedtime may help you to sleep .

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Sugar pumpkins can remain on the vine until just before the first hard frost. Severe cold will damage pumpkin flesh, turning it to mush -- wiping out your entire ...

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Oct 24, 2011 ... The answer can depend on the weather, but it's probably longer than you think. It helps to know how to choose a pumpkin that will withstand the ...

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The first few flowers on pumpkin vines will be male blooms. ..... There are varieties of winter squash that stay more compact and fruit next to the base of the plant. .... Yes, pumpkin vines grow very long (they'll probably get longer than the 5 feet ...

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Sep 18, 2011 ... You should leave pumpkins on the vine as long as you can. They'll only ripen and change color while still growing. Unlike tomatoes and ...

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If you leave it on the vine, you fear it will surely rot, or the bugs will get toit. Don't worry or fret. Properly stored, pumpkins are "long keepers". Here are some ...

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If you don't want to cut the pumpkins, you can simply let the vine die back ... the top and scoop out the seeds and fiber, and it's ready for a pie or a jack-o'-lantern.

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If I store them in a dry, dool place, how long will they survive? I read that ... I grew some pie pumpkins and most of them lasted into Jan. But I still ...

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Sep 7, 2006 ... Best Answer: It depends on the temperature and what it is sitting on. Cooler means longer. Drier means longer. If it is on the ground, it will be ...

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Apr 17, 2016 ... Does a pumpkin have to be orange to be ripe? ... When summer is nearly over, the pumpkin vines in the garden can be ... Leave a Long Stem

How Long Can Sugar Pumpkins Stay on the Vine?
Thanksgiving just wouldn't be much of a holiday without pie -- especially pumpkin pie, which needs sugar pumpkins for a truly good flavor. Sugar pumpkins require a very long growing season. Popular varieties such as Small Sugar and Sugar Pie mature after... More »
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The length of time they are left on the vine depends on the weather. The ripe fruits can stay in the garden until the first frost if the weather is dry and temperatures ...

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Aug 16, 2007 ... To make sure your pumpkins last as long as possible, they must be harvested, cured, and stored properly. ... removed from the vine are still alive, so proper curing and storage will slow .... I am harvesting pie pumpkins today.

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Mar 7, 2007 ... I never thought it would last that long, it does look alot different then ... knows how long I got left on it, That I would make a pumpkin pie out of it, ...