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Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide Whilst typically .... Parti colored sapphires are those stones which exhibit two or more colors ... Natural padparadscha sa...

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What colors do sapphires come in? Let us show you ... Sapphires. – Pink sapphire are quickly growing in popularity, find out why so many are choosing this hue.

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Sapphires come in a wide range of colors, and each color has its own quality ... as a major sapphire source, but its stones can have an intense blue color that ... a high per-carat value, too—much higher than other types of fancy sapphires.

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Sapphires have been the darling gemstone of the royalty and well-to-do for ... The word sapphire most likely comes from the Hebrew “sapir,” as it is ... With blue sapphires, for example, we would call the stone's color either blue, ... As the amount of chromium increases in the corundum, the shade of pink deepens as well.

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Sapphire! What comes to mind when you hear this word? Is it the rich, blue colors of the highly prized Kashmir stones? Or are you aware of the panoply of colors ...

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When hearing the word Sapphire many people immediately ... However, many people find that the darker hues of Sapphire can be just as appealing. Sapphires are not only blue, they come in almost every color of the ...

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Jul 10, 2015 ... We bet you don't realize how many gorgeous hues sapphires can be found ... other shapes and sizes in our collection of Unique Colored Gemstones. ... They come in shades ranging from bright pink to deep fuchsia, and look ...

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The many colorful varieties of sapphire are referred to as "fancy colored sapphires. ... When it comes to blue sapphires you can find gems that range from pale, ...

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RESULTS 1 - 90 of 247 ... Search for exquisite blue, pink, yellow sapphires in a wide range of shapes. ... since antiquity, and they're available in blue, pink, yellow, and many stunning ... Home · Sapphires And Colored Gemstones; Unique Colored Gemstones ..... Our non-commissioned jewelry experts are here to help, and will ...

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Photo collection of colored gemstones from around the world. ... It also includes many seldom-seen gems such as diopside, iolite, and ammolite that are ... It usually has a yellowish to orangish brown color but can be white, greenish, bluish, or black. ... A beautiful dark blue opaque gem material found near copper deposits.

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The most valuable color of Sapphire is a cornflower blue color, known as .... was famous for its Kashmir-blue Sapphire, but little material comes from there today. ... are commonly confused with many gemstones, but their great hardness can ...

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However, this magnificent gemstone also comes in many other colours: not only in the ... (This does not only apply to the blue sapphire, but more of that later on).

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Dec 23, 2006 ... For many years, only blue sapphire was recognized as 'true' sapphire. .... Since sapphire comes in a such a wide variety of colors, it can be ...