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There are exactly 360 degrees in any circle. A circle is a two dimensional shape that consists of a consistently curved line that continues until it meets...

Degree (angle)


The division of the circle into 360 parts also occurred in ancient India, as evidenced ... For many practical purposes, a degree is a small enough angle that whole ...

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Jan 8, 2013 ... One other interesting aspect of circles is that every circle can be divided into 360 units called degrees. So, if you turn around in a full circle, you ...

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There are 360 degrees in one Full Rotation (one complete circle around). ... ( Note: "Degrees" can also mean Temperature, but here we are talking about Angles) ...

Degree/Radian Circle


We learn early in childhood that there are 360 degrees in a circle, that there are ... The reason for this is that so many formulas become much easier to write and ...

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You already know that a circle has 360° . Circles can be divided into different sectors: a half circle or semi-circle has 180° , a quarter circle has 90° , and an ...

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Apr 2, 2008 ... If you talk about normal degrees, then there are 360 of them in the circle. But there are many other measures of circle: 1/2Pi, 1/400, 1/32 etc.

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In geometry, an angle. is measured in degrees, where a full circle is 360 degrees. A small angle might be around 30 degrees. Usually, when a finer measure is ...

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The 360 degree circle was defined by the Babalonian Astronomers, because they ... Nine only works in many of these instances because it is the last digit of the ...

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Q: How many degrees are in a circle
A: A circle has 360 degrees no matter how big or small. There 360deg. because the degree is defined as a unit of angular measure which is 360 of a full "rotation". Read More »
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Q: How many degrees are in a circle?
A: 360 full degrees, 720 half-degrees and 1440 quarter-degrees are there in a circle. However, if we get circle (zero) in all exams, one cannot get a degree. LOL. Read More »
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Q: How many degrees in a circle?
A: 360 degrees are in a circle no matter how big or small the circle is A circle has 360 degrees. For my 5th grade homework I need to know that, so I found that ou... Read More »
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Q: How many degree s are in a circle?
A: 360 Read More »
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Q: How many degrees are in a circle?
A: 360 & three hundred and sixty & three hundred sixty. I hope you knew that. Read More »
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