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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Primates Family: Hominidae Genus: Pongo
Orangutans include 2 species of arboreal great apes who live Sumatra and Borneo, both islands in Southeast Asia. The word orangutan comes from the Malay orang hutan, "man of the forest."
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The orangutans are the two exclusively Asian species of extant great apes. Native to Indonesia ... There may even be distinctive cultures within populations. .... Also, the orangutan genome was found to have evolved much more slowly than ...


A century ago there were probably more than 230,000 orangutans in total, but the Bornean ... Forests are very important to us, and to many different species.


Such is the case with our current understanding of the total number of wild orangutans in the world. There now appears to be more than we collectively thought ...


There are two species of orang-utan - the Bornean and Sumatran - which differ a little in ... 230,000 orang-utans - around four times as many as there are today.


Apr 28, 2017 ... Just 20 years ago, it would have been difficult to pinpoint how many orangutans were left in the wild. Fast forward to today and their status is ...


At this rate of loss, many experts believe orangutans could be extinct in the wild ... Many different species of plants and animals have yet to be discovered there.


Mar 4, 2016 ... Researchers found there are around 2.2 times as many Sumatran orangutans as previously thought but the species is still threatened by ...


The IUCN Red List is the most definitive guide to population sizes. For Sumatran orangs, the last survey (2008) suggested 7300 individuals. For Bornean, the ...


There are fewer than 50000 orangutans living in the wild, while as recently as 100 years ago, 230000 orangutans inhabited the forests of Southeast Asia.