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According to the Physics Department of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, evidence for plate tectonics has been found by studying continental shapes and comparing fossils. It n...

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There may or may not be scientific consensus as to whether such plates should ... In the history of Earth many tectonic plates have come into existence and have ...

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[Photo: Plate Tectonics 101]. Plate tectonics is the concept that Earth's outermost layer is made up of moving, rigid plates that ... How Many Plates Are There?

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The lithosphere is broken up into what are called tectonic plates, in the case of Earth, there are seven major and many minor plates (see list below).

By Matt Rosenberg , About.com GuideNovember 21, 2008 My colleague Andrew Alden of Geology at About.com tackles the issue of the number of tectonic plates on earth. While geologists are fond of saying that there are "about a dozen major ones," some would like a specifi... More »
By Matt Rosenberg, About.com Guide

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There are a few handfuls of major plates and dozens of smaller, or minor, plates. Six of the majors are named for the continents embedded within them, such as ...

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The Earth has 14 major tectonic plates and 38 minor tectonic plates, ... plate, there is no agreement about exactly how many tertiary plates there are, but ...

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Watch BBC video clips full of interesting facts about plate tectonics that feature popular presenters such as ... There are different types of plate boundary.

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May 2, 2011 ... This is because plate tectonics encompasses a more detailed study than just the major plates. There are seven primary tectonic plates in the ...

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The theory of plate tectonics (meaning "plate structure") was developed in the ... trenches, mountain range formation, and many other geologic phenomenon. ... move sideways against each other (at a transform plate boundary), there is a ...

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Q: How many plate tectonics are their?
A: sixteen. Read More »
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Q: How many plate tectonics are in Hawaii?
A: movement of continents, seasons to change,weather to change, Read More »
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Q: How many plate tectonics is the earth broken up into?
A: There are ten major plates on the earth and many more minor Read More »
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Q: How many tectonic plates are there?
A: Tectonic plates are great slabs of rock which form the Earth's crust. Both the continents and the oceans rest on tectonic plates, which float on the superheated... Read More »
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