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1800's to 2013. Below is the navigation for each year from 1800's to 2014 which includes details of Events, News, Prices, Pop Culture and much more .


This year saw some of the most significant inventions that would impact lives for many ... Technology -- Popular Culture -- News and Events -- Born This Year -- Cost Of Living ... How Much things cost in 1947 ... Average wages per year $2,850.00 ... The IMF does loan money but most often with strict requirements including ...


How Much things cost in 1938 ... Average Cost for house rent $27.00 per month ... The horse was then retired that year having won a total of thirty-five races during ... The Fair Labor Standards Act did several important things: .... Born This Year.


Mar 29, 2016 ... Every year, gas prices continue to rise and therefore make owning a car that much more expensive. Those who were set back an average of ...


Oct 28, 2010 ... As we get older as people, we start to notice how the cost of things have gone up, (waaaaay up). When I was born I remember using pennies ...


4. How much did things cost? Choose quicklink to find the cost. To compare it with the prices today, choose your birthday and the year 2001. 5. To find out what  ...


Please also visit my other site where you can exercise your brain with games! What Happened In My Birth Year offers a look into the past and the history ...


For A Reminder Of What Inflation Does To Your Money, Check Out The 'Cost Of Living' In ..... Think about how much the cost of living and salary have increased, then look at the food. ... 1971 Cost of Living...the year my oldest sister was born.


Aug 25, 2016 ... War rations: 1917 was the worst year to buy groceries ... some things - such as cars - cost more 100 years ago because the technology was new. .... If we do Brexit, prices will go so high, none of us will wish we had been born .


1971 Cost of Living...the year my oldest sister was born. My ... How Much Things Cost From 1924-1983 - Old Photo Archive - Vintage Photos and. Cost Of ...