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Australian coins refers to the coins which are or were in use as Australian currency. During the ... The settlers did have some George III one-penny coins, which were referred to as "Cartwheel ...

Coin Value: Great Britain Farthing, 1/2 and 1 Penny (Victoria) 1838 ...


Great Britain Farthing, 1/2 and 1 Penny (Victoria) 1838 to 1860 ... Just to keep things interesting, there are other copper coins with Queen Victoria on the front ... and is probably worth about 1.5 times the usual price if you can find a variety collector. ... I have a 1854 victorian penny, but cannot find any ref. to this particular ...

1854 Queen Victoria British Bronze "Young Head" Half Penny ...


Information, details and specifications; value and prices for every grade; plus the best offers for the 1854 Queen Victoria British Bronze "Young Head" Half Penny ...

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Jan 6, 2007 ... Do you have a coin and want to know its value? ... Year: 1854 .... i have a 1950 canada one cent, how much is it worth? it is in pretty good condition ... It is in pretty good shape, all letters on front and back are very visible as well as Queen Victoria. .... The last token I have does not have a hole in the middle.

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A note about payment on these: Yes, these lots often have healthy price tags, but .... Things were in crisis in WWI, and few were buying high value mint stamps from .... Certificate: 1d Scarlet, with the famous 'CNE Penny' variety, ACSC #71(4) q, ...... MALTA 1886 5/- Queen Victoria stamp Rose Red INVERTED Watermark, ...

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Treasure salvors have made the news recently for discoveries of sunken ... Pierced coins, or coins with drilled or punched holes, are believed to ... Protestant Queen, Elizabeth I. Consistently, folklore sources stated the use of a pierced .... coin would actually diminish the value of the item. .... were pierced through the center.

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Dec 24, 2013 ... There is much more material available for specialised study. ... of separating stamps, perforated sheets of stamps went on sale in 1854. ... Corner Letters; Every penny red stamp has letters in the lower two corners. .... Now and again a quantity will appear where every stamp has a small hole near the centre.

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Sep 2, 2009 ... Penny Stamps. ... Queen Victoria ... They are all "FJ"s. 1854. SG17 1d red-brown £190 / £18. GB SG17 ... This meant that there was no 1d value in the 1883 issue ( not that much of a .... The otherwise identical SG725 has one centre phosphor band ... SG-Y1667 1p crimson 2 bands, elliptical hole in perf

1928 British Colonial India Silver 1 4 Rupee RARE George V Coin ...


Find best value and selection for your 1928 British Colonial India SILVER 1 4 RUPEE Rare ... David Lawrence Rare Coins has this this item on Collectors Corner - 1804 1/2C ..... Indian 1-Pice coin with a hole in the center, 1943 ..... Dated 1854-55 AD Source: Sam Fogg ... 1893 Queen Victoria £5 gold proof Old Veiled Bust.

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Why should a silver coin that is known to be worth only one hundred cents in copper, sell for a ... The coin quotation sales show that this dollar has sold at auction at five different times within the ... 2 — A fine silver half crown of Charles VI, Emperor of Ger- many. ... Obverse, head, name and title of Victoria, Queen of England.

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Australian Traders' Tokens: Museum Victoria


When these arrived in 1849 they gave them out in change as pennies from their shop. ... with the importation of a coining press in 1854 but there remained problems ... NOT provide valuations and cannot tell you how much your object is worth. ... I have a one and a half pence coin (token) with Queen Victoria on one side ...

Queen Victoria-1838-1888-British-Britannia-Silver-Four-Pence-Coin ...


These coins have no value to collector. Unless it is a very rare coin. ... Many dealers will want a 100% lustre with a uncirculated coin . ... Fleur-de-coin: these coins are flawless untouched. ... QUEEN VICTORIA. FOUR PENCE COIN .... 1854. 1.096.613. £5. £12. £40. £75. SILVER FOUR PENCE COIN. 1854/3. £4. £ 16. £45.

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The silver penny is still minted for the Maundy Ceremony where the Queen gives a number ... Many have survived being used as weights for kitchen scales, and thus ... the Copper Penny of Queen Victoria, issued from 1839 to 1860, although the ... December 1869, and accepted by the Mint at face value until 30th July 1873.