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How many gallons of crude oil does it take to make a gallon of ...


Jan 4, 2013 ... The name "refining" is used in the sense of converting something rough/dirty/ crude ... Oil 101: Morgan Downey (2009), Chapter 7, Table 7-1; How many gallons of gasoline does one barrel of oil make?, EIA (30-May-13)

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Oct 29, 2013 ... Let's take a look at who the US buys the imported oil from. ... The "red countries" all sell oil to the US at higher prices than does Canada. ... the well has been drilled: oil and gas production can drop as much as 50% in the first year. ... of the gasoline-making progress make the pain at the pump even w...

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A barrel of crude oil can make about 19 US gallons of gasoline, 10 gallons of ... How much gasoline does a barrel of crude oil produce ... may take about 9,000 US gallons of jet fuel which requires about 2,250 barrels of crude oil to extract.

Fat Knowledge: How Many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Oil?


Feb 8, 2007 ... Since gasoline doesn't make up the whole barrel, it then seemed like a good idea to ... In Winning the Oil Endgame, they take another approach, .... 1 billion gallons of gasoline, how many barrels of oil does that translate into?

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Refining/Transportation; A barrel of oil; Gasoline; Companies; Alaska ... For example, take one barrel of crude, and what comes out of it in what process? ... including lubricants, kerosene, asphalt, and petrochemical feedstocks to make plastics. ... Q: How much does the average gas station pay to buy a gallon of gasoline ...

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One barrel of crude oil contains 42 gallons which creates 45 gallons of ... About 47% of each barrel of crude oil is refined into automobile gasoline; In the US an ...

The 6 kWh electricity to refine gasoline would drive an electric car ...


Jul 3, 2015 ... How does this “6 kiloWatt-Hours per gallon of gasoline” idea work? ... percent gasoline = gallons gasoline/gallons crude oil kWh/gallon = (kiloWatt-hours ... I'd much rather, if this is accurate, have that electricity go directly to cars rather than .... Instead it'll take tens of years just to make a significant...

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Jun 5, 2011 ... In addition to producing gasoline and other transportation fuels, oil is ... Oil is an important source of raw materials for making plastics and other chemical products. .... But the term does make a good target for those demonizing a ... of life by helping to provide us w/products that many of us take for granted.

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Researchers broke down a typical barrel of domestic crude oil into what may be ... Enough gasoline to drive a medium-sized car (17 miles per gallon) over 280 miles. Asphalt to make about one gallon of tar for patching roofs or streets.

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In 2011, here is where our oil was used in the US. What Does Gasoline REALLY cost? ..... How much electricity does it take to make a gallon of gasoline?

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How many gallons of diesel fuel does one barrel of oil make?


6 days ago ... How many gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel are made from one barrel of ... diesel fuel and heating oil) from one 42-gallon barrel of crude oil.

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Apr 2, 2012 ... If it costs only $2 to produce a barrel of oil, then why do we pay over $105 a ... But there is a much more important player that gets much less ...

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Today, a barrel's refined products include about 20 gallons of gasoline, ... and docks, teams of horses pulled wagons carrying as many as eight barrels of oil. ... were reduced to barrel staves by recently introduced barrel-making machinery.