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Eric D. Spoto (born October 22, 1976) is an American arm-wrestler and powerlifter, who specializes in the bench press. He held the all-time world record in the raw (unequipped) bench press with ... ...

How much would the average gorilla be able to bench press? - Quora


If the gorilla can be trained, it would certainly press an impressive amount but not as much as ... so i measures this gorilla weight 379lb can bench 1005-1200lb.

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Jul 11, 2007 ... Silverback gorilla breaking a banana tree, Bwindi Inpenetrable Rain Forest of Uganda. ... I'm willing to bet he could bench press your mom. Read more. Show less .... And this guy just does it effortlessly sitting on his ass!.
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Sep 19, 2013 ... Even alpha male chimps can bench press 2000 lbs. -- almost ... Much stronger then humans. ... Question: Where does a 475 Pound Gorilla sit?

Just wondering how much can a "GORILLA" the animal bench press ...


Feb 16, 2008 ... Just wondering how much can a "GORILLA" the animal bench press? how much can he .... Considering they weigh about 600-700 pounds.

The moment high school football player bench pressed 700 pounds ...


Mar 27, 2013 ... Training: Poursoltani, 18, says he had nothing to do for much of the fall and winter ... He can bench press two and a half times his own weight ...... Buck Kartalian who played gorilla Julius in Planet Of The Apes dies at 93 He ...

How Much Can a Gorilla Lift?


Obtain the facts about the strength of gorillas and how they compare with humans strength ... Properly trained, a man might be able to bench press more weight.

Wisdom for the Young Gorilla – The Bench Press – Juggernaut


Jan 8, 2015 ... In fact, I would say these injuries can be reduced by magnitudes if the proper ... But the bench press, especially for young athletes, develops much slower than ... I learned how to bench press in the football weight room where ...

how strong is a gorilla - Straight Dope Message Board


I figure if a man can bench press 1000 pounds a gorilla might be able to do ... Id like to see one grab a pair of dumbbells and see how much it can lift. ... Now, if you could train a gorilla at weight lifting, most likely their greater ...

The Strength of Chimps - The Science Forum


chimps are also much more aggressive than humans so i'm ... I actually heard that Gorillas can benchpress about 700 lbs and can crush a lions ...

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How much could a gorilla bench press? - Ask.com


According to Sea World, a gorilla has six times the upper body strength of an adult human. Assuming an average person can bench press his body weight, ...

How much weight can a gorilla bench press - Answers.com


A healthy man can bench his own weight, the average being around 185 lbs. A gorilla, highland silverback, the biggest of the gorillas, is said to be between 12 ...

How strong is a chimpanzee, really? - Slate


Feb 25, 2009 ... Consider that a large human can bench-press 250 pounds. ... An adult male chimp, he found, pulled about the same weight as an adult man. ... A chimpanzee had, pound for pound, as much as twice the strength of a human ...