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How to Calculate Freight Density
To calculate freight density, use package dimensions to find cubic feet, then divide package weight by total cubic feet.... More »
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Freight Class Density Calculator | Shipping Class Codes Chart ...


Freightquote's class density calculator tool and shipping class codes chart make it easier to classify your shipments.

YRC Freight Density Calculator


Our density calculator helps you determine your freight rate. When shipping LTL freight, you must know how to handle shipment density conversions to properly ...

Freight Class Calculator


Calculate your pallet's freight class for free. ... If you add 1.7 lbs to the pallet without increasing the volume, your class will change to 110. At a lower class you will ...

Density Calculator


****Please note: Only use multiple lines for individual pallets if total shipment info is not submitted on Line 1. 5) Select Calculate. 6) Your shipping class is ...

Freight Class: What is and How To Determine LTL Freight Class


Nov 20, 2013 ... Determining your shipments freight class is a vital step to effectively managing LTL freight as it is a big factor in determining your freight hard ...

UPS Freight : Density Calculator


<sup>1</sup>Required field <sup>2</sup>Required field when total handling weight is not entered <sup>3</sup> Required field when unit weight is not entered. The results provided are based on the ...

Calculate: Cargo Density - XPO Logistics


Shipment Density Calculator. The calculator provides the density for your shipment. Accurately measure the length, width, and height of the shipment, including ...

Density Formula - G-Force Shipping


Jun 16, 2014 ... When shipping freight within the US, all commodities need to be classified under the NMFC codes. These are often based on the density of the ...