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99 Compliments for Kids - iMOM.com


Kids love to be complimented—especially by their moms. Check out these 99 compliments for kids and share a few with your children every day.

Stop Saying, 'You're So Smart!' 3 Better Ways to Praise Kids ...


May 6, 2014 ... But here's the harm: Praise often motivates children... to receive more praise. And when praise labels a child (e.g., “I am smart”), it's easy to ...

Education World: Praise Pointers: Give the Right Compliments to Kids


30 items ... Studies suggest that complimenting children in this way can lead to a mindset that intelligence and certain admirable qualities are innate, or fixed (i.e., ...

The Right Way to Praise Your Kids - WebMD


Experts give tips to parents on how to praise their children to help build self- esteem and self-confidence.

3 better ways to compliment your child | Deseret News National


Oct 1, 2014 ... Everyone loves a good compliment, including children. But studies show that too many compliments or the wrong kind of praise can actually do ...



One-Word Synonyms to Say "Good" Try picking up a synonym book and choose a word in it, use a different word each day. Children will start to notice a pattern ...

6 Effective Ways to Compliment—and Motivate—Your Child ...


Jul 25, 2010 ... What parent doesn't love to praise his or her children? When your child does something praise-worthy — from accomplishing a difficult math ...

10 Specific Compliments to Give Your Children - All Pro Dad : All ...


All children crave to be accepted and loved by their parents. Here are ten specific compliments to give your children.

100+ Ways To Praise A Child


... got what it takes! You've made progress! You've outdone yourself! 100+ Ways To Praise A Child. A hug is worth 1,000 words! www.speechtherapygames.com.

How to Praise Your Kids the Right Way Without Spoiling Them in the ...


You know that praising children is much more effective than criticizing them. But do you know how exactly to praise without spoiling them?

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10 Compliments Your Kids Need to Hear - iMom


So imagine the power of the compliments for kids we're going to share with you today. valued and accepted quote A child who feels valued and accepted by his ...

How to Praise Your Kids - Parents


If your compliments tend to be about you ("I think you did a great job") rather than about your child ("I'll bet you're proud of yourself"), she'll start to look for your ...

10 compliments your kids need to hear - FamilyShare


Do you fall into the trap of only congratulating your child when he succeeds at something? Instead, try to complimenting his efforts whether it is on the football ...