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How to Find Asymptotes & Holes
A rational equation contains a fraction with a polynomial in both the numerator and denominator -- for example; the equation y = (x - 2) / (x^2 - x - 2). When graphing rational equations, two important features are the asymptotes and the holes of the... More »
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Asymptotes: Examples - Purplemath


Find the domain and all asymptotes of the following function: ... case differently: Some books may say that there is no vertical asymptote where there is a "hole".

Graphing Rational Functions: The Special Case with the "Hole"


Since the degree is one greater in the numerator, I know that I will have a slant asymptote. But I need to do the long division to find out what the equation of the ...

SparkNotes: Special Graphs: Asymptotes and Holes


A summary of Asymptotes and Holes in 's Special Graphs. ... If a graph has a horizontal asymptote of y = k , then part of the graph ... Find out with this quiz!

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Sep 14, 2011 ... In this video we look at a rational function and identify its domain, identify its vertical asymptotes and determine whether or not it has a hole.

How to find holes in rational functions - Quora


The term "hole" used here is another name for a removable discontinuity or removable ... My Pre-calc. final is tomorrow, and I know there will be something where I'll be given a rational function and I'll need to find asymptotes, holes, etc.

3.5 - Rational Functions and Asymptotes


There will either be a vertical asymptote at x=k, or there will be a hole at x=k. ... To find the equation of the oblique asymptote, perform long division (synthetic if it ...

Asymptotes and Graphing Rational Functions - Brainfuse


To graph a rational function, find the asymptotes and intercepts, plot a few ... Vertical asymptotes are "holes" in the graph where the function cannot have a value.

Vertical Asymptotes vs. Holes Exercises - Shmoop


Example 1. Find all vertical asymptotes and holes for the rational function below. Give both the x and y coordinates for the holes.

Functions, Graphs, and Limits Vertical Asymptotes vs. Holes - Shmoop


Both vertical asymptotes and holes are places that the curve can't quite seem to touch. Holes occur at places where the limit of the function exists, but the ...