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Explains how to use long division to find slant (or 'oblique') asymptotes.

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A slant (oblique) asymptote occurs when the polynomial in the numerator is a higher degree than the polynomial in the denominator. To find the slant asymptote ...

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This algebra lesson explains how to find horizontal and slant (oblique) asymptotes when graphing rational functions.

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May 10, 2011 ... Long Division to find oblique (slant) asymptote.AVI ... Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes - Slant / Oblique - Holes - Rational Function - Domain ...
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Jun 16, 2009 ... How to do long division to find the oblique asymptote of a rational function.
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Jun 24, 2009 ... Finding Slant (Oblique) Asymptotes of Rational Functions .... Pre-Calculus - How to find the slant asymptote of a rational function - Duration: ...
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Nov 4, 2009 ... Graphing a Rational Function with Slant / Oblique Asymptote - Duration: ... Rational Function : Find the Asymptotes (Vertical, Horizontal, Slant ...
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Oct 21, 2011 ... This example shows how to find the slant asymptote for a rational function. Remember that a rational function will only have a slant asymptote if ...

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Here, we are going to focus on oblique asymptotes. When a linear asymptote is not ... To find Oblique Asymptote of a rational function,. Step 1 : Divide the ...

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You can find the equation of the oblique asymptote by dividing the numerator of the function rule by the denominator and using the first two terms in the quotient ...

How to Find Oblique Asymptotes
When graphing functions, it is not unusual to encounter a line that your graph might near but never touch or cross. Such a line is called an asymptote. The asymptote can be vertical, horizontal or oblique (slanted). These asymptotes are visual... More »
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