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Earwigs prefer shaded, moist conditions. Reduce or eliminate possible hiding spaces such as mulch and low ground-cover plants around apricot trees.


Because earwigs hide in cool, moist places during the day and feed only at night, the easiest way to remove them from your plum tree is to trap them in transit.


Earwigs can climb trees and chew holes between leaf veins, but this damage is rarely ... Earwig abundance can be reduced by removing weeds and plant debris  ...


The last two years we have had not one earwig inside our precious apricots. ... You can remove it after your tree is done fruiting or you can just leave it on there,  ...


Jun 8, 2010 ... Pest inundating gardens eats your fruit -- and those nasty aphids too ... If you've got an apple tree, the earwig is a beneficial insect that helps control aphids. ... Earwigs go for lettuce, roses, strawberries, ripe peaches and plums, zinnias, ... is to remove places where earwigs find shelter and to lay out traps.


It attacks dormant leaf buds, blossom buds, leaves, fruit, and twigs. .... tucked into limb crotches can be used to trap and remove earwigs from trees (remove and ...


Earwigs are taking over all of them and eating them from the inside out. ... How do I get rid of them and save what's left of the trees or is it too late? ... when present in big numbers, they will also eat seedlings and soft fruit.


Garden blogger Gayla Trail offers solutions for keeping pesky earwigs out of your garden.


The insects also feed on soft fruits such as apricots, raspberry, strawberries, stone ... Although they feed on other insects, you really need to control or kill earwigs as .... Trimming the trees and shrubs causing damp and shady areas near the ...