How to Get Started in Commercial Sod Farming
Starting a sod farm can be a solid business investment because golf courses and athletic fields often need large amounts of sod to replenish their greens. With just a few start-up materials and the adequate insurance, sod farming can bring dollar signs... More »
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The farms that produce this grass may have many varieties of grass grown in ... where recently harvested sod mats are cut into slender rows and replanted in the  ...

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From there, it is harvested and sold for commercial and residential lawn projects. ... In the United States there are roughly 1,412 of these specialized sod farms ... If you want to earn a profit from it, you have to be knowledgeable and willing to ...

Crop Profile for Commercial Sod Production in Louisiana

Crop Profile for Commercial Sod Production in. Louisiana ... In 2003, 23 sod farms cultivated 3,855 acres of lawn turfgrasses. .... they go deeper into the soil.

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Commercial sod from New Lawn Sod Farm takes landscaping for your ... The secret to our success is simple: start with premium seed and grow the seed on the ...

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A sod production program is founded on agronomic principles. ... New or potential growers will find this publication a helpful source of both production and  ...

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Payne Sod Farm started small and has grown into an excellent sod producing ... We sell to a variety of customers that include landscapers, commercial builders, ... Together Ron and Justin have continued to stay efficient and accurate by using  ...

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... any questions you may have regarding your sod lawn purchase or sod care. ... Parks and recreation areas, athletic fields, commercial use, home lawns.

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The Ludema & Boyink Sod Farm provides residential and commercial sod sales and delivery to ... Start with a straight line like your driveway, house or sidewalk.

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Interest in commercial sod production has risen because of ... frigerated trucks have been used to prevent sod ... Production practices are divided into several.

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Apr 28, 2014 ... In worse case scenarios, old sod farms that have gotten to a thin A horizon are usually developed into pasture, pine forest or real estate. The following ... The Effects of Commercial Sod Production on Soil Dynamics. American ...

Sod Production: From an Economic Standpoint - Turfgrass Science ...

Apr 16, 2014 ... Within this report, sod production will be analyzed from a financial standpoint. ... Finally, start up costs will be identified as well as the machinery needed for .... <sup>7</sup> Crop Profile for Commercial Sod Production in Louisiana, 2004,

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potential pesticide carryover problems, should be taken into consideration prior to planting. A well-prepared seed bed is critical to commercial sod production.

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Photosynthesis occurring in the lawn releases a large quantity of oxygen into the ... The soil type, land clearing, drainage and water control, leveling, access roads ... A desirable practice for commercial sod production is to blend 2-4 varieties of ...