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Under no circumstances can you light the fire with the draft coming down. One method is to ... Stack the wood at most to two-thirds of the height of the fireplace.


Anyway, in order to light the fire on the first try, you will need: A couple of larger logs of wood; 8 to 12 pieces of kindling sticks; Firelighters or newspaper; Matches  ...


Sep 24, 2015 ... Lighting a fire is a simple task with proper wood and knowing how to light your wood fireplace, here is a guide to getting you started.


Sep 4, 2008 ... When gathering wood for a fire, collect wood that snaps and breaks easily. Dry wood burns ... Light the tinder, and watch it burn. Log Cabin Fire ...

Feb 22, 2008 ... Learn how to start a fire in the fireplace, plus expert tips on how to build a fire in ... We used Kroger firewood and the firestarter pieces in the middle. .... Light the paper with a lattice of kindling on top with plenty gaps in it, when ...


Nov 23, 2010 ... If you try to light a fire during this air sink, you're going to end up with ... turn on the gas and light the pilot light without any wood in the fireplace.


Jun 16, 2011 ... Building a fire is actually quite simple, whether it's a campfire or a cozy one in ... need to find the wood, kindling, and tinder, and you'll need to build a small fire ... It helps to light it in a few different places to get it burning faster.


So, when you can light a fire with a single match and get a hot, bright fire burning in just a few minutes, you've accomplished something worth knowing and we ...


At first it may seem like a foolproof undertaking: You put some wood in the fireplace, light a match, then sit back and watch it burn, right? Well, yes and no.


You will need three things to start your fire: ... Arrange two small to medium sized pieces of firewood on the grate, and place some ... Then light the tinder.