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Jan 6, 2017 ... Hornets and wasp queens love raw meat. .... but they also remove the pheromones left by hornets which may attract more hornets later on.


Nov 21, 2012 ... ... a protein shake because a meat base wouldn't attract useful insects ... I've tried similar traps in past years, they do catch wasps but so few in ... The results have been amazing, over forty queen wasps in a couple of weeks.


Feb 26, 2015 ... western yellowjacket wasp--photo by Whitney Cranshaw.jpg ... yellowjacket wasp is a scavenger of protein: dead insects, carrion, garbage, meat, ... Each western yellowjacket trapped in early spring is a queen wasp, and her ...


In California, yellowjackets are the primary pests among the social wasps. ... The queen emerges in late winter to early spring to feed and start a new nest. ... species and issometimes called the “meat bee,” and seven other species of Vespula. .... Lure traps can help reduce the number of localized foraging workers, but they ...


Meat - This is the best choice in the spring and late winter because wasps are ... even catch a queen this way, in which case the wasps will relocate their nest.


Jul 7, 2009 ... Jam dissolved in water (sweet enough to attract the wasps but ... even plain water (deep enough to drown the wasps but the piece of meat bait .... Anyway, the only way you can get wasps to relocate is to kill the queen and the ...


Poison baits are now available to control dangerous yellowjacket wasp nests on an ... they feed it to developing brood and the queen thus destroying the entire colony. ... Sugary baits should be avoided since these can attract and kill non- target ... Bait can be prepared from canned fish such as tuna, minced meats, canned ...


The wasps build a nest of paper made from fibers scraped from ... Meats must be replaced more frequently, because yellowjackets ... Like the lure trap, these traps also work best as queen traps in late winter to early spring.


Oct 8, 2010 ... Yellow jackets are heavy-bodied wasps, with black and yellow or white markings, explained Ross ... Workers are attracted to any meat-based or sugary item. ... A queen is the epicenter of each yellow jacket nest. ... The most effective traps use a synthetic attractant to lure worker yellow jackets into a trap.


6 days ago ... Some good choices for protein baits are hamburger and lunch meat. ... If you can catch and kill a queen, the rest of the wasps will go elsewhere ...