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Dungeness crab is named after the coastal town of Dungeness, Washington, where most of the crabs originate. This hard-shelled crustacean is the most ...

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Just whole crabs; King Crab, Dungeness, Blue, Red or Snow Crabs! ... Crab-O- Licious.com Replies-Transporting and storing live Blue Crabs are more ...

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Can I keep dungeness crabs alive for 8 hours in an ice chest full of ice? ... Go ahead and store them in the freezer properly or steam them up and eat 'em!

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When hauling in a catch of Dungeness crab, you must immediately check the crabs' ... Don't store crabs in water because they may not get enough oxygen.

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Dec 13, 2010 ... Yesterday 12 pounds of fiercely combative Dungeness Crabs met their ... pig out if necessary, but don't waste any time trying to store it; it just ...

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If you live on the Pacific coast, this is necessary information! Dungeness crabs are a fantastically tasty treat, as well as a lean, healthy, delicious holiday tradition .

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Selecting, Preparing and Canning Meat. King and Dungeness Crab Meat. It is recommended that blue crab meat be frozen instead of canned for best quality.

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Jul 10, 2010 ... How to clean a Dungenss crab the quick and easy way.
www.ask.com/youtube?q=How To Preserve Dungeness Crab&v=vuWQRe_YD-g
May 27, 2009 ... Freeze crabs whole and uncleaned if they are going to be frozen for more than six months. To freeze crabs for a short period of time, clean and ...

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For the best-tasting Dungeness crab, buy it live and either have your ... If you've purchased your crab cooked, store it on ice in the refrigerator until you're ready ...

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Freezing Dungeness Crab, up to around 7 and 1/4 inches, can fit nicely into a gallon-size freezer bag. Anything bigger than that will have to be wrapped in ...

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Lengths and times of cooking and storing crab, whether it's snow, king, blue or dungeness crab, it's all pretty much the same.

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Answers on how to safely store crab, how long they stay stored and still be fresh ... I caught 15 dungeness crab, took them home and immediately cook, cleaned, ...