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Lobelia dortmanna is an aquatic stoloniferous herbaceous perennial aquatic plant with basal rosettes, and flower stalks growing to 70–200 cm tall ... waters with vegetation of the Littorelletea uniflorae and/or of the Isoëto-Nanojuncetea".


How to Propagate Lobelia From Cuttings. Lobelia is often highly prized by backyard gardeners for its bright flowers, which often attract hummingbirds and ...


Mar 5, 2012 ... The “heat” type lobelias (i.e. Techno Heat varieties) root faster than most ... Purpling of cuttings can occur when lobelia are taken off of mist too ...


Vegetative lobelia, however, has proven itself superior in many ways to its seeded ... At Pacific Plug & Liner we treat lobelia in propagation with a low-rate ...


great blue lobelia (Lobelia siphilitica), and prairie sage (Artemisia ... Vegetative propagation of native plants (via root/ corm/bulb division) is a fun, fast, and ...


Native to South Africa, trailing lobelia is a tender perennial that is hardy to ... commercial lobelia production is trending to vegetative propagation from cuttings.


Mar 24, 2007 ... Lobelia is one of those tiny but addictive plants that you can find at almost any ... Related article: A to Z plant guide: How to grow everything in ...


Without this initial pinching, the stems can grow long and make the plant look leggy and ... Remove the cut vegetation from the soil surrounding the lobelia plant.


Submersed Plants. Species: Lobelia dortmanna L., water lobelia ... Root: Fibrous, whitish. Propagation: Seed; vegetative buds at the base of old flower stems.


Jan 27, 2010 ... Latin name: Lobelia erinus 'Techno Heat' and 'Waterfall' series ... what variety to buy, just look for the ones growing in the larger pots or trailing over hanging baskets. They are usually of the vegetatively grown varieties.