How to Raise a Newborn Calf
A cow is usually able to raise her newborn calf on her own provided she has access to shelter and feed. But sometimes raising a newborn calf requires human intervention. Dairy farmers generally separate the cow and calf immediately after birth. A calf... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

How to Care for an Orphan Calf - 9 Easy Steps - wikiHow

You must feed the calf colostrum within 24 to 72 hours after birth. ... the calf and where you are located, certain injections that a newborn needs include Vitamin A  ...

Feeding and Managing Baby Calves - Dairy - University of Kentucky

explains the critical steps in raising calves during this time period. These steps are ... in deficiencies in the fetus as well as the newborn calf. Thus, adequate (not  ...

Instructions for Raising Bottle Calves - Sustainable Farming ...

You don't need a lot of money or pasture to get started raising bottle calves. ... Just one thing I noticed in here that is incorrect baby calves should not have hay in ...

First 72 Hours is Critical for New Calves - Golden Plains Area 72 Hours.pdf

The First 72 Hours Is Critical For Your Newborn Calf. Michael Fisher ... This is especially true if the calf is lethargic or has difficulty raising its head. A good test to ...

How Often Do You Bottle Feed Newborn Calves? | Animals -

Many ranchers remove calves from their mothers at birth and bottle-feed them. This practice decreases disease and death among young cows that are often ...

Feeding Calves | Calf Care | Tractor Supply Co.

Learn how to feed a newborn calf and what types of milk replacers and other supplies you need.

Caring for Newborn Beef Calves Separated from Their Dams

Caring for Newborn Beef Calves. Separated from Their Dams. Calves that are orphaned or abandoned at a very young age present a unique set of challenges  ... To Raise A Newborn Calf&v=s5aAi3Nq-pw
Jul 9, 2012 ... Mary Duane of University College Dublin explains the key steps to take in caring for a new born calf. Recorded at UCD Lyons Estate Research ...
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Popular Q&A
Q: How to Raise a Newborn Calf.
A: 1. Move the calf to a sheltered area of the barn or to a calf hutch where it will be safe from predators such as coyotes and wolves and is sheltered from wind, ... Read More »
Q: How to Raise a Bottle Calf.
A: 1. BOTTLE FEEDING. As soon as possible, get the calf drinking milk replacer from a bottle. It may be tempting to teach him to drink from a bucket, but doing so ... Read More »
Q: How to Do Calf Raises
A: 1 Stand on the edge of a stair step, or a step of any kind (as long as it's in a safe environment). Make sure the step is not very far up and close to the groun... Read More »
Q: How to Do Calf Raises
A: 1 Find a set of stairs, a large, stable block of wood, or a platform about 8 inches high and position yourself so you can hold onto a railing, a door jamb, or a... Read More »
Q: How often to feed a newborn calf?
A: Once every two or three hours, just like any baby mammal. Read More »