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Today, Cotswold wool is especially luxurious when hand-combed using ... on the sheep) point in one direction and the end sheared from the ... It has a Bradford ( spinning) count of 36s to 44s, most c...

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Cotswold The Cotswold is an ancient breed of sheep descended from sheep that grazed ... In the Middle Ages, Cotswold wool was a major export of England, ...

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Compiled by Robin Nistock from various sources Cotswold wool has many ... ( Bradford (spinning) count of 36s to 44s, most commonly around 40s). ... The success of using Cotswolds in crossbreeding programs to improve the resultant lamb ...

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Our flock consists of white and colored registered Border Leicester & registered Cotswold sheep. All sheep have been selected for superior fleece (wool), ...

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Wool is probably the most popular fiber to spin, largely because of its versatility. It is also the ... to spin. There are several different breeds of sheep, and each breed offers a different type of wool. ... Cotswold, Wensleydale, Lincoln Longwool

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Cotswold sheep have always been known for their wool The origins of Cotswold sheep have been debated for years, and may never be entirely known for sure.

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which it accepts dye made the wool ideal for loose-twist worsted spinning, ... as superstitions, he might have been thinking of the Cotswold sheep. For although ...

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Feb 18, 2009 ... Learn how to go from "sheep to shawl” by spinning your own yarn. ... breeds in this category are Romney, the Leicesters, Cotswold and Devon.

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Jan 11, 2011 ... Someone who doesn't spin but takes an interest in my activities recently ... Cotswold sheep get sheared twice a year, since their wool grows ...

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Handspinning fiber, fleece for handspinning, wool and roving from Cotswold sheep (ideal curls for doll hair) and colored sheep.