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How to Store Live Crawfish
Crawfish–or mud bugs–are small shellfish that resemble lobster. Crawfish are most abundant in Louisiana and play a key role in the region's Cajun cuisine. Like lobster, crawfish must be kept alive until cooked. If you purchase live crawfish... More »
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Like lobster, crawfish must be kept alive until cooked. If you purchase live crawfish and do not plan on cooking them immediately, you must store them properly ...


Don't eat any raw crawfish dead or alive. (3) How to store live crawfish. Live crawfish will arrive in an insulated box with special gel ice packs that supply the ...


Here are simple, easy to follow instructions on how to PROPERLY STORE your live crawfish for 1 to 3 days and have all of them still kickin' when it comes time to  ...


To store live crawfish keep them cool (36-41 deg F) and moist at all times. Never submerge them and never store them in direct sunlight.


Can freeze boiled crawfish thereafter. To re-heat, just place crawfish in boiling water for 45 seconds and serve immediately. LIVE, Keep live crawfish at 36-46 ...

May 13, 2014 ... Week 37 How to Catch Crawfish, Purge Them, Keep Them Alive Till Your Ready to Eat Them, Make Craw - Duration: 11:07. ZombiesinBigSur ...


Briefly. Its an interim method of holding them prior to the boil, especially if your pot only holds half a sack. Basically, keep them wet, (not submerged) cook and ...


How long do crawfish live? ... When live crawfish hit boiling water, they curl up their tail. ... Keep them in the sack and cool with ice, but not submerged in water.