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A DIMM or dual in-line memory module comprises a series of dynamic random- access memory ... On the bottom edge of 168-pin DIMMs there are two notches, and the location of ... ECC DIMMs are those tha...

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64 Bits.

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Aug 28, 2015 ... 168-pin DIMMs are found in Pentium and Athlon systems. Each 168-pin DIMM provides a 64-bit data path, so they are installed alone in 64-bit ...

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Nov 17, 1997 ... The 168 pin DIMM is a full inch longer than a 72 pin SIMM, and unlike ... to function properly since they have a 64 bit wide data path which is ...

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Their data path is 64 bits (8 bytes) wide. ... DDR-SDRAM DIMMs use 184 pins and can be discriminated from 168-pin SDR-SDRAM and 240-pin DDR2-SDRAM  ...

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Number of VRAM slots. Cache DIMM slot. Cache DIMM size, 70ns 168 pin 0 ... The extra pins provide a 64-bit data path, compared to a 32-bit data path for SIMMs. ... of 512 MB using 5-volt, 64-bit-wide, 168-pin fast-paged mode, 70ns DIMMs.

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The modules are called RIMMs and have 184 pins like DDR DIMMs, but are not ... While SDRAM and DDR SDRAM use 64-bit data paths, RDRAM's interface is only 16 bits wide but runs at a higher rate. ... It comes in 168-pin DIMMs. SDRAM  ...

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Jan 6, 2010 ... Starting in early 2001, double data rate (DDR) SDRAM memory of ... rate; on a system with a 64-bit (8-byte) wide memory bus, this would result in a .... JEDEC Standard SDRAM Module (168-pin DIMM) Speeds and Transfer Rates ..... The RDRAM memory bus is a continuous path through each device and ...

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A DIMM dual inline memory module is a double SIMM single inline memory module ... bit (36 bits counting parity bits) path to the computer that requires a 72- pin connector. ... A DIMM has a 168-pin connector and supports 64-bit data transfer.

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Easily identified by a row of protruding pins along the bottom edge. ... DIMM Dual Inline Memory Module. 168-pin (64-bit-wide) ... 160-Pin (16-bit data path) ...

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Aug 22, 2014 ... Another difference is that standard SIMMs have a 32-bit data path, while ... Two types of DIMMs: a 168-pin SDRAM module (top) and a 184-pin DDR ... For “x8”- registered DIMMs, each side is 72 bits wide, so the memory ...

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a form of SDR-SDRAM that transfers data on both the leading and falling edges of a clock cycle. ... Describe the number pins and size of data path: DIMM - Dual Inline Memory Module 168 pins, 64 bit ... How wide of a datapath is a 72 pin SIMM: 32 bits wide. ... Name the 5 distinguishing characteristics of a 168 pin DIMM.

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30 pin SIMMs are relics from the 286 / 386 era, 72 pin SIMMs from the 486 / Pentium ... 30 pin sockets, while many Pentium boards have both DIMM and SIMM sockets. ... The wide data paths needed for subsequent CPUs demanded the upgrade to ... pin array with a third notch on the left side to accommodate the 168 pins.