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Breathing gas


A breathing gas is a mixture of gaseous chemical elements and compounds used for respiration. Air is the most common, and only natural, breathing gas - but a ...

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The best reason I can think of for why we believe that air is a mixture is that freezing air slowly yields different liquids at different temperatures. Liquid nitrogen ...

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Air is a mixture of various gases. The main gases present in air are nitrogen (78.1 % by volume) and oxygen (20.9% by volume). These two gases together form ...

What is Air? - BC Air Quality


Air supplies us with oxygen, which is essential for our bodies to live. Without it, we would die within minutes. Pure air is a mixture of several gases that are ...

Gases of the Air


The air around us is a mixture of gases, mainly nitrogen and oxygen, but containing ... Because of the action of wind, the percent composition of air varies only.

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Dry air is a mechanical mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and more.

Why air is a mixture while water is a compound - Answers.com


Because air is not boUnd chemically it is just a mixture of oxygen nitrogen and other gases while water molecules are one oxygen atom combined chemically to  ...

Why is water considered a compound of hydrogen and oxygen and ...


A mixture of of hydrogen and oxygen would have dioxygen molecules and .... If water consists of hydrogen and oxygen and the other elements (air, soil) consist ...

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Air will contain water vapor but the amount will depend on weather conditions. ... The difference between a compound and a mixture is primarily that a mixture ...

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Q: Is air a mixture?
A: Air, a mixture of gases that composes the atmosphere surrounding Earth. These gases consist mostly of nitrogen, oxy... Read More »
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Q: Is liquefied air homogeneous mixture?
A: yes it is a homogeneous mixture. Read More »
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Q: How is air a mixture?
A: yes,air is mixture because it contain of many gases........ like notrogen,oxygen and many of..... Read More »
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Q: [Expert Answer] Is aire a mixture.
A: Yes, air is a mixture. It is a homogeneous mixture. Read More »
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Q: Is liquid air a mixture.
A: Yes. So is natural gaseous air. Read More »
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