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Water vapor


When water vapor is used as a lifting gas for use by a thermal airship the water vapor is heated to form steam so that its vapor ...

What is water vapor?


Nov 27, 2010 ... Water vapor is also the Earth's most important greenhouse gas, accounting for about 90% of the Earth's natural greenhouse effect, which helps ...

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Any vapor could technically be called a gas, although in many situations this ... Thoughtful experts refer to gaseous H2O as “water vapor” even in situations ...

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Apr 11, 2002 ... Seriously, in science and engineering "steam" refers to water in its vapor state. You boil liquid water, the resulting vapor is "steam." Having said ...

The Three Forms of Water


Pure water is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Water can occur in three states: solid (ice), liquid, or gas (vapor). Solid water—ice is frozen water. When water ...

Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse ... - Skeptical Science


Water vapour is the most dominant greenhouse gas. Water vapour is also the dominant positive feedback in our climate system and amplifies any warming ...

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Feb 7, 2008 ... when gas condence it change in liquid.....so what difference between ... A cloud is made of water vapor, the clear sky contains gaseous water.

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Water vapor, water vapour, also aqueous vapor, is the gas phase of water. There is no difference between the terms gas and vapor, but gas is used commonly to.

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Water vapor is known as a variable gas which means its percent abundance in the air at any one place in the troposphere is not constant. This variation results ...

NASA - Water Vapor Confirmed as Major Player in Climate Change


Nov 17, 2008 ... Water vapor is known to be Earth's most abundant greenhouse gas, but ... water vapor, carbon dioxide, and other atmosphere-warming gases.

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The States of Water: solid, liquid, gas


Water existing as a gas is called water vapor. When referring to the amount of moisture in the air, we are actually referring to the amount of water vapor. If the air  ...

It's Water Vapor, Not the CO2 - American Chemical Society


It's true that water vapor is the largest contributor to the Earth's greenhouse effect. ... The warming due to increasing non-condensable gases causes more water ...

Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse ... - Skeptical Science


So skeptics are right in saying that water vapor is the dominant greenhouse gas. What they don't mention is that the water vapor feedback loop actually makes ...