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Worms are decomposers, as are slugs, bacteria, snails and fungi-like mushrooms, according to St. John Fisher College. SFGate states that earthworms are an example of a worm that ac...



Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms, and in doing so, carry out the natural process of decomposition. Like herbivores and ...

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Worms are decomposers. Their job is to break down things like dead leaves and grass. Their waste makes the soil healthy. Having worms in your garden is a ...



The dead things that are eaten by decomposers are called detritus which means "garbage". Some of the most common decomposers are bacteria, worms, slugs, ...

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Earthworms that act as decomposers may be one of three species. Epigeic worms live in plant litter, making them ideal for processing compost. Endogeic worms ...

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Well a worm is a Decomposer because the wast on the ground like animal dropping or decaying animals seeps into the ground and the worms eat the soil's a ...

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Students also learn how engineers use decomposers to help clean up wastes in a ... Worms then deposit wastes that are rich in nutrients such as nitrogen and ...

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ues as the plants need the healthy soil from the soil decomposers to produce ... Handle the worms with care and when all experiments are con- cluded, place ...

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Decomposers or saprotrophs recycle dead plants and animals into chemical nutrients like carbon and nitrogen that are released back into the soil, ... Earhtworm ...

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Decomposers and scavengers break down dead plants and animals. They also break down the waste (poop) of other organisms. Decomposers are very ...

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Q: Is a worm a decomposer?
A: No they're not, they don't decompose anything Read More »
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Q: Is a worm a decomposer?
A: Yes, worms are classified as decomposers. Decomposers recycle dead plants and animals into Read More »
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Q: Is a worm a decomposer?
A: yes you better believe it! :D worms rock my socks! i eat them for breakfast...they tase like chicken! there yummy! Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Are ribbon worms carnivores, decomposers, or herbivores?
A: Most nemerteans or Ribbon Worms are carnivorous and Read More »
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Q: Worms That Decompose.
A: Earthworms. Earthworms are used to decompose organic matter into worm feces, which are called worm castings. These worm castings are extremely nutrient-rich and... Read More »
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