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Endangered species


An Endangered (EN) species is a species which has been categorized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as likely to become ...

Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals ...


WWF is committed to saving endangered species. Learn more ...

Why Do Animals Become Endangered? - Fact Monster


Humans are largely responsible when animals become extinct, endangered or threatened. Here are some reasons why animals become endangered: ...

Why do species become endangered? - Rolling Hills Zoo


Everyday between 50 and 150 plant and animal species become extinct. When you ... Habitat is the number one reason species become endangered. Today ...

How Does a Species Become Endangered? | Wonderopolis


The artist in you might be interested in these endangered animal coloring pages. You can display them or share them with your friends to promote awareness of ...

Top 10 most endangered species in the world - Telegraph


Jan 4, 2010 ... Designated a threatened species for protection by the Endangered Species Act in the ... Top 10 endangered species. 04 Jan 2010. 3. Pacific Walrus .... Dalmation pelicans get up close and personal with the camera as they ...

Ten Most Endangered Animals - All About Wildlife


A list of the world's ten most endangered animals, including ivory-billed woodpecker, Amur leopard, Javan rhinoceros, bamboo lemur, right whale, ... 3 Javan Rhinoceros ... These flightless New Zealand birds are so rare they all have names.

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Mar 17, 2011 ... An endangered species is a type of organism that is threatened by extinction. ... Three nations have not ratified the Convention on Biological Diversity: ... They cannot adapt to changes in the environment as quickly as other ...

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Q: What animals are endangered.
A: There are over 10,000 endangered animals, worldwide. Please see the related link below for 'the list': animals are facing danger because of deforestation,cuttin... Read More »
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Q: What animals are endangered?
A: Y!A isn't big enough to hold all the lists. Well, maybe that's a teeny exaggeration. Every state in the USA has a list, the federal government has a list, and t... Read More »
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Q: What animals are endangered?
A: Well certainly NOT the polar bear. I do wish people would check the facts and just not believe everything they see on TV. There is an organization responsible f... Read More »
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Q: What animals are in Endangered.
A: endangered animals include: giant pandas, mountain gorillas,whales, African elephants, seabirds. Read More »
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Q: What Animal Is The Most Endangered?
A: I honestly don't know. But I know that panda bears are extremely endandered. Polar bears are too, because of global warming all of their ice is melting. :( Read More »
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