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Animal life from the topmost to the lowest oceanic zone ranges from sharks and other fish to deep-sea squid and echinoderms such as the sea pig and sea cucumber. The oceanic or pel...

Oceanic zone


The oceanic zone is the deep open ocean water that lies off the continental slopes ... Often the light is blue green in colour, because many marine organisms are ...

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The demersal zone is everything in the ocean near the sea floor or the coast. ... Unique animals like the marine hatchet fish and giant squid live in this subzone, ...

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Because of this food source, many animals also live in this zone. In fact, most of the life in the ocean is found in this zone, although it is the smallest ocean zone ...

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There are four major oceanic zones where plants and animals live in the ocean. The four major zones are intertidal zone, neritic zone, open ocean zone and ...

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If you look beneath the surface of the open ocean, you'll find a diverse and unique ... Animals that live in the twilight zone must be able to survive cold ...

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Many species that live in the open ocean (or pelagic realm) truly live in an ... Organisms that live in the epipelagic zone may come into contact with the sea ...

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In the open ocean, there are hundreds of plant-like organisms known as algae. ... Ninety percent of all marine life lives in the upper zone of the ocean that ...

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Major vertical zones of the ocean begin at sea level and end at the deepest points in ... Tide pools allow many more organisms to thrive in these areas including ...

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Plankton occurs in this zone. Plankton are free-floating aquatic organisms. They are usually microscopic and form the basis of the food chain in the ocean.

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Q: What animals live in midnight ocean zone?
A: The animals that live in the midnight zone are bioluminescent jellyfish, angler fish, tube worms, and a lot of phytoplankton Read More »
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Q: What animals live in trench ocean zone.
A: spiderman,super man, and aqua man. Read More »
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Q: What animals live in the deep ocean zone?
A: i hear wild gyarados swim in the deepest part of the oceans. Read More »
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Q: What animals live in the deep ocean zone?
A: i hear wild gyarados swim in the deepest part of the oceans. Source(s) My Pokedex. Read More »
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Q: What kind of animals live in the oceanic zone?
A: Answer Bottlenose dolphins, squid, sharks, crabs and all different types of fish Read More »
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