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Empty Nouns and Dead Verbs


Identifying empty nouns and dead verbs. 2. Revising methods ... 3) Most empty nouns occur with a prepositional ... 3) Convert the significant noun following “of”.

What Else? / Dead Verbs


Dead Verbs: is, are, am, have, had, has, be, been, was, look, were, take, took, went, go, ran ... Three kinds of dogs, terrier, bull dog, and collies, live at the kennel.

What Are Dead Verbs? | The Classroom | Synonym


Dead verbs are the bane of English teachers. The typical list includes 23 verbs -- "is," "are," "was," "were," ...

Burying Dead Verbs - YouTube


Oct 3, 2007 ... Uploaded on Oct 3, 2007. Teacher Jason Lilly described a fun activity to help young writers to remove dead verbs from their writing.

Using Die, Died and Dead - 5 Minute English


Die is also a verb. It is the base form of the verb and present tense. It means when a life is finished. So, you could say- Someday everyone will die. Or I don't want ...

How to put strong verbs in place of dead verbs? | Yahoo Answers


Dec 13, 2011 ... Were is the dead verb, and I have a list of "strong verbs" but nothing makes ... a strong verb (replace two or three words with, usually, one word).

Dead verbs (never use except as helping verbs)

boe.jeff.k12.wv.us/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=4558&dataid=3632&FileName=dead verbs overused words.doc

am. is. are. was. were. has. have. had. do. does. did. could. should. would. can. will. might. must. be. being. been. go. going. went ...

Dead Verbs PowerPoint by HappyEdugator | Teachers Pay Teachers


Dead Verbs PowerPoint.Good Halloween writing activity. Bury those dead verbs! Give your students some practical strategies to revise their writing and remove ...

Dead Death Die Died - Difference in English.


... Death is a Noun (a naming word); Die is a Verb (an action word); Died is the past tense of the verb ... My leg went dead after sitting on the floor for three hours

Said is Dead Verbs to Substitute for “Said”

www.sd47.bc.ca/school/pie/Students/Documents/'Said is Dead' Word List.pdf

Said is Dead. Verbs to Substitute for “Said”. In a happy way laughed rejoiced giggled joked lilted sang out. In a sad way cried agonized bawled ... Page 3 ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What Are Dead Verbs?
A: Find a Spicier Verb. 'The dog is running through the park.' Change 'is running' to 'dashes' or 'bounds.' This not only livens up the sentence but it provides de... Read More »
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Q: What are the dead verbs?
A: verbs like is, being, and are, are examples. Most writters use more vivacious verbs verbs like is, being, and are, are examples. Most writters use more vivaciou... Read More »
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Q: What are the dead verbs.
A: Dead verbs are verbs like am, is, was, were. Here is a list of the most common dead verbs: Am, Is, Are, Was, Were, Be, Being, Been. Can, Could, would , should, ... Read More »
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Q: What are dead verbs.
A: From the Related Link: (Dead verbs are)"The ones which may tell others that something happened, but never tell anything more than that, never give the reader an... Read More »
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Q: What are 3 verbs?
A: Three verbs are a doing word e.g, Running, Texting, Sleeping. Read More »
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