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Boxcars. Forest Products, Consumer Products, Bagged Ag. Products, Beverages, Canned Goods, Bagged Flour, Metal Products ...

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Boxcars have been an important piece of equipment for the railroad industry since the early days of the 19th century. Today, they are used for more specialized ...

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Jun 21, 2015 ... A shrinking supply of boxcars—once the ubiquitous symbols of U.S. railroads and a rolling bellwether for the economy—is causing a ...

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Boxcar Facts and Information. Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida. The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida's ...

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Boxcars are generally used for loads which must be protected from the weather. They may be ordered with insulation, refrigeration, cushioning, bulkheads or ...

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A boxcar is a type of railway car that's designed to carry freight. The main benefits of the boxcar design is that it is...

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The railroad boxcar is an amazing thing. It is actually an enclosed, water resistant box on wheels. Access is gained through sliding doors (single or double) on ...

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(2) 60ft Boxcars Available for Purchase Built Date: 1968. Single Plug Doors Inside Height: 9ft 5in. Inside Width: 9 ft. Inside Length: 60ft 1in. Price: $15,000 per

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In craps (dice), slang term for throwing two sixes (at total of twelve).

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Boxcar definition, Railroads. a completely enclosed freight car. See more.

A boxcar is a North American railroad car that is enclosed and generally used to carry freight. The boxcar, while not the simplest freight car design, is probably ... More »
Railroads. a completely enclosed freight car.
a pair of sixes on the first throw of the dice in the game of craps.
Informal. extremely or disproportionately large: The business had boxcar profits during its first year.
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