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Railroad boxcars are perhaps not only the best-recognized pieces of equipment ever put into service but also one of the most identifiable symbols of the industry ...

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Boxcars. Forest Products, Consumer Products, Bagged Ag. Products, Beverages, Canned Goods, Bagged Flour, Metal Products ...

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Boxcars are generally used for loads which must be protected from the weather. They may be ordered with insulation, refrigeration, cushioning, bulkheads or ...

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Jun 21, 2015 ... A shrinking supply of boxcars—once the ubiquitous symbols of U.S. railroads and a rolling bellwether for the economy—is causing a ...

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May 4, 2008 ... Boxcars from the 1930's tended to be 10 ft or less high inside, boxcars in the 40's and 50's tended to be 10'6" high inside and boxcars built in ...

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Boxcar Facts and Information. Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida. The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida's ...

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Box Cars. In craps (dice), slang term for throwing two sixes (at total of twelve). ... Henry those cars in that unlit parking lot over yonder do appear to be box cars!

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The Boxcars Bluegrass Band - Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, Gary Hultman, Keith Garrett, and Harold Nixon.

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50' Standard Boxcar. The CSX 50' standard boxcar fleet can carry from 70 to 100 tons. Our cars are equipped with either cushioned or rigid underframes, single ...

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Boxcars, also known as Midnight, Cornrows or Twelve Craps, is a bet where players wager on the shooter rolling a 12. This consists of a six on each dice.

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A boxcar is a North American railroad car that is enclosed and generally used to carry freight. The boxcar, while not the simplest freight car design, is probably ... More »
Railroads. a completely enclosed freight car.
a pair of sixes on the first throw of the dice in the game of craps.
Informal. extremely or disproportionately large: The business had boxcar profits during its first year.
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