The Chupacabra (or chupacabras, meaning "goat sucker" in Spanish) is a legendary beast reported to have killed livestock by draining their blood.
Sightings mainly come from Puerto Rico, the United States along the southern border, Mexico, and other Central and South American countries.


The chupacabra or chupacabras (Spanish pronunciation: tʃupaˈkaβɾas], literally "goat-sucker") is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas, ... Are Chupacabras&v=feqt97XVEUc
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Chupacabra. The Chupacabra is a creature resembling a living gargoyle and said to exist in parts of Latin America (mainly Mexico). The Chupacabra is also ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are Chupacabras?
A: It is a type of "mythical" monster that eats stray dogs and animals. They are the size of a dog Read More »
Q: What are chupacabras
A: Bonestructure, there are several things we can dismiss immediately.  Sasquatch and Chupacabra are not necessarily among them, but these creatures, we must dismi... Read More »
Q: What is chupacabra?
A: The Chupacabra is a legendary cryptid animal. Reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood o... Read More »
Q: What's a chupacabra?
A: Translated from Spanish, chupacabra means "goat sucker," in reference to its apparent appetite for the blood of livestock. Artistic renderings often depict it a... Read More »
Q: What is chupacabras
A: Chupacabra-Mexican & Central American story. They are upright walking on 2 legs taht look like goat legs. Either drink the blood or eat the guts of livestock. Read More »