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List of psychoactive plants - Wikipedia


A list of plants that are used as hallucinogens. Some of them have been used entheogenic for ..... They are found in some plants used to make Ayahuasca. In high ...

Hallucinogenic Plants Native to the United States | eHow


Many plants native to the United States contain naturally occurring hallucinogens . Many of these plants were used as part of the shamanistic rituals of Native ...

Native Plants of North Georgia: A Photo Guide for Plant Enthusiasts ...


May 16, 2011 ... This publication is intended to be a quick guide for plant enthusiasts of North Georgia. Each plant listing is accompanied by a photograph and a ...

What is a native plant? Georgia Native Plant Society - GNPS


In the US a native plant is naturally occurring, either presently or historically, in any ecosystem of the United States. Plants native to Georgia have been present ...

Common home plants that get you...HIGH!!!!... - Vriksha Nursery


May 7, 2011 ... Salvia divinorum, a psychedelic plant that contains Salvinorin A. which can produce an ... 10 common edible wild plants of Maharashtra (India).

Erowid Psychoactive Plant & Fungi Vaults


Aug 14, 1999 ... Information on the use of a variety of herbs and plants for their ... Psychoactive Plants & Fungi ... WILD LETTUCE, Lactuca virosa, Europe.

Smokable Herbs: What Herbs & Plants can you smoke?


These psychoactive plants, often called cannabis alternative or legal high, are ... This plant is native to Europe, though it spread to several other continents (it is ...

Many Legal Plants Contain DMT | NeuroSoup


Jan 21, 2013 ... DMT can be found in many plants through out the world. So far, in the United States, the plants that contain DMT are legal to possess, sell, trade ...

List of Non-Native Invasive Plants in Georgia - Georgia Exotic Pest ...


Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council. List of Non-native Invasive Plants in Georgia. Georgia EPPC Invasive Plant List Purpose. The purpose of the Georgia EPPC ...

Plants Native Georgia - Plant Delights Nursery


Visit our plantdelights.com on-line mail order plant nursery to buy the best hardy perennial Georgia Native Plants for sale.

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5 Psychedelic Plants You Can Legally Grow - Scribol.com


5 Psychedelic Plants You Can Legally Grow ... A vine originally found in South Asia, but now grown worldwide, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, otherwise known as ...

10 Natural Plants That Can Get You High - What on Earth? - It's Nature


The majority of us think that Cannabis is the only natural growing plant that people use ... There are a number of things that can result from smoking Wild Dagga like ... their seeds, have long since been known as hallucinogenic substances.

Psychoactive Plants - Sacred Sites


Georgia · Germany · Greece · Ireland · Italy · Latvia · Lithuania · Malta · Montenegro ... For thousands of years a variety of psychoactive (hallucinogenic) plant ...