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The firebrat is a small hexapod (typically 1–1.5 cm) similar to the silverfish, both in the order ... They do not cause major damage, but they can contaminate food, damage paper goods, and sta...

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Silverfish, or Lepisma Saccharina, are common household pests. The small silver creatures are nocturnal, so they may not be visible during the day. In moist or ...

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Identifying and managing silverfish and firebrats. ... desirable to supplement nonchemical methods with an insecticide treatment to quickly reduce the infestation.

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Detailed and most accurate information about silverfish bugs: why do they come and how to kill silverfish. Several methods to get rid of silverfish.

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Get advice on Silverfish bites and treatment in our interactive Silverfish Identifier.

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Silverfish and Firebrats by Barb Ogg, Extension Educator. Silverfish and firebrats cause damage in homes by eating foods and other materials that are high in ...

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Having silverfish manifestation can be a cause of alarm, as often than not these pests causes major damage in your home by eating priceless treasures such as ...

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During severe infestations, these starchy targets may develop irregular-shaped holes from the insects' feeding. Silverfish and firebrats do not feed on wool or ...

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If you have a more severe problem with silverfish or firebrats, look into stored boxes and the insulation in your attic. It is best to dust or bait these areas.

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Firebrats are a darker mottled orangish gray with bands of dark scales. It's important to know which one you have before you start treating your home for them.