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What Are the Causes of Color in a Yellow Sapphire?
While most people envision sapphires as bright blue gemstones, sapphires can actually come in many different colors. Yellow sapphires are highly prized for their vibrancy and for a bright yellow hue that rarely occurs in nature.... More »
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Purple sapphires contain trace amounts of vanadium and come ... If trace amounts of iron are present, a very pale yellow to green color may be seen. ... which causes color for chromium and vanadium ...

Yellow Sapphires | A Guide To Judging Color In Yellow Sapphires


In general, increased iron concentrations will increase color saturation. The trace element titanium causes an undesirable green cast in yellow sapphires, and ...

The Seven Types of Yellow Sapphire and Their Stability to Light - GIA

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ally seven types of "yellow" sapphire on the market today, which differ in the cause of color and the stability of the color to light: type I -natural, light-stable.

The Seven Types of Yellow Sapphire and Their Stability to Light - GIA


The authors determined that there are actually seven types of "yellow" sapphire on the market today, which differ in the cause of color and the stability of the ...

Blue sapphire | Causes of Color - Webexhibits


Sapphires are described by their colors (blue, green, and yellow), with the most sought-after color being cornflower blue. The color is very stable, even when ...

All about yellow sapphire stones' inclusions · Storify


The color of yellow sapphire stone varies from greenish, orangish to canary yellow. ... It causes rutile silk inclusions that are present in the structure of traversed ...

Sapphire gemstone information - Gemdat.org


Diffusion: colourless to yellow-orangy rim, blue haloes/spots (internal diffusion). .... Causes of Colour, The coloring agents in blue sapphire are iron and titanium ...

Sapphire - The Gemology Project


Color. Sapphire occurs in many colors ranging from colorless to black. When a corundum variety is termed "sapphire" it indicates the blue ...

Color Change Sapphire Gemstone Information - GemSelect


Nov 29, 2013 ... Color Change Sapphire Gem Information, learn about color change sapphire ... a range of other colors, including greenish, yellowish, pinkish and violet-purple, .... bleach or hydrofluoric acid, as chemicals can cause corrosion.

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