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Cytosine recently found use in quantum computation. The first time any quantum mechanical properties were harnessed to process information took place on ...

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Cytosine is one of the five main nucleobases used in storing and ... Thus, cytosine, along with adenine and guanine, is present in both DNA and RNA, whereas ...

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Cytosine, a nitrogenous base derived from pyrimidine that occurs in nucleic acids , the heredity-controlling components of all living cells, and in some coenzymes ...

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Uracil DNA glycosylases, specifically remove from DNA the uracil that results from spontaneous deamination of cytosine. Mutant cells that lack this enzyme have ...

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A chemical compound that is used to make one of the building blocks of DNA and RNA. It is a type of pyrimidine.

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Considering the potential pharmaceutical applications, 5-azacytosine and 5,6- dihydro-5-azacytosine appear to be so far the most effective cytosine mimics for ...

Discovery of bisulfite-mediated cytosine conversion to uracil, the key ...


The presence of 5-methylcytosine in DNA is a current focus of attention in ... The use of this chemical treatment for analyzing 5-methylcytosine in DNA was ...

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Oct 27, 2014 ... In the present study, we used a patch clamp amplifier to acquire ... fC, or cytosine at CG dinucleotides in ∼4400 individual DNA molecules.

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Comparison of Anti HIV Drugs Used Alone or in Combination With Cytosine ... No other current active opportunistic infections requiring systemic therapy.

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Dec 16, 2011 ... One major problem with using uracil as a base is that cytosine can be ... It can safely do that as uracil is not supposed to be present in the DNA and has to be ... to using thymine in DNA, it doesn't explain why RNA uses uracil.

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