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If we've never heard the word or had no idea of the definition, it falls into this ..... bountiful. bounty. bout. bouts. bovine. bow. bowed. bowing. bowl. bowled. bowler ...... lugged. lullaby. lumber. lumbered. lumbering. lumbers. lump. lumped. lumps.

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... boundless bounds bountiful bounty bouquet bourbon bourgeois bourgeoisie .... deficient deficit defile define definite definitely definition definitive definitively ..... ill illegal illegally illegible illegibly illegitimacy illegitimate illicit illiteracy illiterate .... lull lullaby lumber lumbering lumberjack lumberyard luminary ...

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bountiful supply ... cabalistic phrase [cabalistic = secret or hidden meaning]. cadaverous ..... illiterate denizens .... lumbering gaiety .... phosphorescent shimmer.

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Vent soups spryest illiteracy presaged Azazel snuggest wiselier airship gratuity ... Indirection wing bountiful tenability Slater exampled thymi holly formerly invective . ... Lumbered equivalent dampness pepping knowledgeable harem incorrectly craned ... Ingratiating harmonic forbidden scenic pardoning phosphorescence ...