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Animal life from the topmost to the lowest oceanic zone ranges from sharks and other fish to deep-sea squid and echinoderms such as the sea pig and sea cucumber. The oceanic or pel...

There are five major oceans, the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Indian, the Arctic and the Southern Ocean.

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The oceanic zone begins in the area off shore where the water measures 200 meters (656 feet) deep or deeper. It is the region of open sea beyond the edge of  ...

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Scientists have divided the ocean into five main layers. These layers, known as zones, extend from the surface to the most extreme depths where light can no ...

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There are four major oceanic zones where plants and animals live in the ocean. The four major zones are intertidal zone, neritic zone, open ocean zone and ...

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Light Zones. The ocean can be divided from its surface to its depth into three zones based on the amount of light received. They are: Sunlight Zone 1.

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Scientists have organized and classified the oceans into various zones, each with its own characteristics. These zones aren't known to the creatures that live in  ...

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Model showing the relative depths of the ocean zones. From the seashore to the deepest depths, oceans are home to some of the most diverse life on Earth.

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The bulk of the oceans are deep-sea habitats with no light. The importance of light in the seas is reflected by the description of the ocean's vertical zones ( zones.

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I. Horizontal zones (those extending from land out to sea). A. Coastal Zone: that region in which tides expose the sea bottom for some part of each day.

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