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A baler is a piece of farm machinery used to compress a cut and raked crop into compact bales ... When the bale reaches a predetermined size, either netting or twine is ... "Farmers were saved ...

Hay Bale Weight & Dimensions - Forbes Lucerne


Aug 15, 2014 ... We have a range of hay bale styles available here at Forbes Lucerne, not just our compact bales. As well as normal small square bales, we ...

What is the average size of a hay bale? - Quora


Round bales anywhere between 44 inches high and 60 inchs high for the ... Three main types of hay bales that I know of: Small square, large square, and large ...

The Importance of Hay Bale Dimensions - MachineFinder Blog


Jun 25, 2013 ... What's so important about hay bale dimensions? ... Whether you are producing square bales or round bales, the shape and size can have more ...

HayUSA.com Extensive Information About Hay for Horses


Compressed hay: Regular size 22x15x44 bales that have been compressed and re-baled, sliced for efficiency to gain weight per square foot for shipping over ...

Swanmoor Haylage – Common hay, haylage and straw bale sizes


Sep 12, 2014 ... Square bales can be broadly broken down into two groups – those that have 6 strings ... The most common 6 string bale sizes in the UK are:.

Bale Weight: How Important Is It? - Beef Fax


Bale weight affects not only the amount of hay be- ing bought or .... Effect of bale size on bale weight of large square bales. Bale height, ft. Bale width, ft. Bale.

Straw Bale Design- Choosing the Right Size Straw Bales ...


Not sure what size bales to use on your straw bale project? Unclear on if you should use 2 or 3 string bales? This is a great article to help you decide.

Hay Bale Farmer - Illuminations


In this lesson, students will use dimensions of round and square hay bales to calculate and compare volumes. They also calculate unit prices to determine which ...

Understanding Round and Square Bale Hay for Horses, Part 1 ...


Dec 19, 2015 ... Before purchasing or putting up hay, remember that forage quality does not depend on size or shape. High-quality (or low-quality) hay can be ...

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What are the dimensions of a small square hay bale - Answers.com


The fixed dimensions of the most common small square bale are 14 by 18. The variable dimension is settable at 12 to 52 on many small square.

regular size square bale---storage area needed for 1 yr worth hay ...


Property is small and haying will most likely be year round....half hay ... IF you stored a full years worth of square bales (regular sized) for three ...

What is the size of a standard hay bale? - Ask.com


A standard bale of hay has fixed height and width, at 14 inches by 18 inches. The length ... According to Oregon State University Extension Service, an acre may yield between 65 to 165 small bales of hay per cutting, with up to three cuttings ...