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The Warring States period was an era in ancient Chinese history following the Spring and Autumn period and concluding with the Qin wars of conquest that saw the annexation of all other contender sta...

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The 250 years between 475 and 221 BC is called the Warring States Period because the region of the Zhou Dynasty was divided between 8 states. These states ...

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The period of the Warring States (Zhanguo or Chan-Kuo) refers to the era of about 475 BCE to 221 BCE. It commenced at a time of when the numerous petty  ...

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Causes: Well Britain was selling Opium to the Chinese as a major export in exchange for Chinese goods. It was so addicting that over 10 million people were  ...

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Apr 7, 2008 ... The Warring States period is distinguished from the preceding age, the Spring and Autumn (Chunqiu) period (770–476 bc), when the country ...

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First, you need to learn some about the Dynasty of Zhou. In the Dynasty of Zhou, the emperor ... What caused the Warring States period to begin in Japan?

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Sep 28, 2015 ... The Warring States period began with the collapse of the Ashikaga Shogunate following the recently-concluded Onin War. The Emperor by this ...

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Dec 12, 2013 ... The Warring States Era is a fascinating period in Chinese history. ... contended that the Qin leaders' use of the rule of law led to its excesses.

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Numerous states appear with the breakup of Zhou dynasty power. The states frequently war with each other, and for the time being none absorbs the others.

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Learn more about the warring states period in the Boundless open textbook. ... This led to nearly 250 years of inconclusive warfare that became larger and larger ...