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Bodies of living organisms begin to decompose shortly after death. .... The gases produced also cause natural liquids and liquefying tissues to become frothy. ... In smaller dead plants, this proces...

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Sep 27, 2014 ... The decay of dead things is simply nature's way of mining old materials .... in temperature will tend to cause reactions to happen more quickly.”.

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They both cause decay by releasing enzymes onto the dead animal or plant. These break down complex compounds into simple soluble ones that can be ...



Decomposition is the natural process of dead animal or plant tissue being rotted or ... If every organism that died did not decay and rot away, the earth's surface ...

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... quite negatively, with the former mainly associated with things that are rotten, ... It is the process whereby the dead tissues break down and are converted into .... the action of bacteria inside the corpse causes putrefaction and swelling of the ...

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Jun 18, 2008 ... ... lot to do with insects. Read about human death and decay and decomposing bodies. ... Enzymes in the pancreas cause the organ to digest itself. The body soon ... The environment in which a dead body is placed also affects its rate of decay. For instance ... Top 10 Things That Women Invented · Strange ...

Fungal decomposition


Dec 19, 2001 ... Fungi and bacteria are the major organisms decomposing dead leaves and ... All living things, and a few other surprising substances, are considered organic. ... Scientists call the organisms that decompose organic matter ...

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The duration it takes for a dead body to decompose depends on various ... The most important thing to remember in decomposition is the exposure of the dead body to bacteria. ... This in turn causes hair to detach from the skin and skip to slip .

NASA; Lesson 5: Decomposers Get Energy From Dead Things


experiment to determine the factor or factors that cause rotting. ... Dead Things. 6. .... Student responses may include that dead plants and animals rot or decay,.

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Nov 5, 2013 ... As bacteria decompose your body, they release awful smelling gases that cause it to bloat, which in ... The authors can be excused for using only two corpses; indeed, dead human bodies are not the easiest things to obtain.

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Q: What causes things to decay?
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