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Sapphire (color)


Sapphire is a saturated shade of blue, referring to the gem of the same name. Sapphire gems are most commonly found in a range of blue shades although they ...

Sapphire Colors & Varieties | A Guide On All Sapphire Colors


What colors do sapphires come in? Let us show you the rainbow of colors and unique varieties available to you.

Sapphire Quality Factors - GIA.edu


Sapphire is one of the Big 3 of jewelry colored gemstones—the other two are ruby and emerald. A durable stone that's designated as a birthstone for September, ...

How to Buy Sapphires | The Diamond Pro


The ancient Persians believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire, which reflected its color to the sky. Another legend holds that the tablets of the Ten ...

Fancy Sapphires - International Colored Gemstone


Sapphire is often thought of as being synonymous with the colour blue: you can easily picture sapphire seas. However, sapphire is beautiful beyond blue, ...

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Nov 29, 2013 ... Color Change Sapphire Gem Information, learn about color change sapphire gemstone gemology, sources, origin and value. Read about the ...

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Jul 10, 2015 ... You may not have known that sapphires come in lovely shades of peach, but peach sapphires are among the most popular colors for sapphire ...

Sapphire - International Colored Gemstone


In earlier times, some people believed that the firmament was an enormous blue sapphire in which the Earth was embedded. Could there be a more apt image ...

#333399 Hex Color | RGB: 51, 51, 153 | BLUE, SAPPHIRE


This web color is described by the following tags: BLUE, SAPPHIRE. Color # 333399 is one of the web safe colors. The page belows contains color combinations ...

Fancy Color Sapphires ... Not Just the Blues - Bijoux Extraordinaire


A buyer's guide to fancy colored sapphires from Bijoux Extraordinaire, your fancy colored diamond experts.

What Color Are Sapphires?
Though sapphires are most often blue in color, they come in many other colors, as well. Sapphires, like rubies, are made from the mineral corundum. Both gemstones get their colors from imperfections in the stone; in sapphires, color comes from different... More »
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Sapphire: The gemstone Sapphire information and pictures


Sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is a very desirable gemstone due to its excellent color, hardness, durability, and luster. In the gem ...

What Color is Sapphire and What Does It Symbolize?


Answer: In reality blue sapphire gemstones come in many shades of blue from light to dark. Today the color sapphire generally refers to a medium cornflower ...

Sapphire Color - Gemnation


Sapphire and the color blue tend to be synonymous. Although many sources claim that its name is of Greek derivation, its roots seem most likely to be from ...