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On November 9, 1620, they sighted land, which was present-day Cape Cod. ... Jones had originally planned to return to England as soon as the Pilgrims found a ... rotten, so many passengers did not r...

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That's what the Pilgrims did in the year 1620, on a ship called Mayflower. ... Mayflower set sail from England in July 1620, but it had to turn back twice ... After deciding to leave the leaky Speedwell behind, Mayflower finally got ... more months, rowing ashore to build houses during the day, and returning to the ship at night.

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D-Day and the German Surrender, d. ... The first group to leave England actually headed for the Dutch Netherlands in 1608. ... The Pilgrims were originally bound for Virginia to live north of Jamestown under the same ... What's the difference between Pilgrims and Puritans and why did both groups come to the New World?

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Each missed Sunday and holy day brought about fines. ... In all 150 men, women and children were able to leave England and made a home in Leiden, Amsterdam. ... Weston did come back with a substantial change, telling the Leiden group ...

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Nov 21, 2013 ... To better understand why the Pilgrims left England to come to America, it may ... Many people wonder - why did the pilgrims really came to America? ... of Scrooby (in north Nottinghamshire) determined that it was time to leave England. ... Halloween and Reformation Day: The Connection · The Origin of the ...

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land of their own. The Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to practice religious ... Bradford, decided to leave England and start a settlement of their own so that they could ... 8. Why did the Pilgrims not land where they were supposed to?

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The Pilgrims left England to seek religious freedom, or simply to find a better life. ... The Pilgrims finally landed at the site of present-day Plymouth, Mass., on Dec.



England did not agree with the King's decision. Many people in England ... and the Pilgrims decided to leave England and move to Holland where freedom of religion was accepted. ... those days reached to present-day New York. When the  ...

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Most of the countries surrounding England did not agree with the King's decision. ... But the King denied the request, and the Pilgrims decided to leave England and ... part of Virginia (which in those days reached to present day New York).

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Fewer than half of the group's members elected to leave Leiden. A small ship, the Speedwell, carried them to Southampton, England, where they were to join ... After a 65-day journey, the Pilgrims sighted Cape Cod on November 19. ... The English ship the Mayflower (a three-masted merchant ship that had originally been ...

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That November, the ship landed on the shores of Cape Cod, in present-day Massachusetts. ... In 1607, after illegally breaking from the Church of England, the Separatists settled in the Netherlands, first in ... Did You Know? Bradford and the other Plymouth settlers were not originally known as Pilgrims, but as "Old Comers.

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On this day in History, Mayflower departs England on Sep 16, 1620. ... and on November 21 the “Pilgrims” reached Massachusetts, where they founded the first  ...

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It was time to flee form England and find a place where they could worship ... sobbs and praires did sound amongst them, what tears did gush from every eye, ... September 6, 1620 – Third Departure – The pilgrims leave from Plymouth , England . .... The governor declares a Thanksgiving celebration over a three day period ...

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They thought the new Church of England was beyond reform. ... The Separatists had to leave their homeland and friends to live in a foreign ... of the Hudson River in the north, so the Pilgrims planned to settle near present-day New York City. ... Although the Pilgrims had originally intended to settle near the Hudson River in ...

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The Pilgrims were mostly still living in the city of Leiden, in the Netherlands. ... they returned to Plymouth, England, and made the decision to leave the Speedwell behind. ... The Hudson River, in fact, was their originally intended destination. ... 1620 and arrived at Cape Cod on 9 November 1620, after a 66 day voyage.